What I Ate Wednesday: A Day in the Life

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday post, so about halfway through today, I decided I’d go for it. Needless to say, I only have pictures of some of the food I ate. I’ll do a little “day in the life” with this to make up for the lack in food pics.

Breakfast was pretty standard: whole wheat toast with Justin’s Maple Almond butter (love this stuff!), banana and coffee with organic soy creamer and turbinado sugar.

After dropping Reece off at preschool, I headed to the gym with Emme.

Showing Emme the way to his preschool classroom

Reece leading Emme to his classroom. See the sign? “Hawaiian Center,” “Chicken Coop,” “Green House”–I love his preschool!

For snack after my workout, I ate a vanilla almond KIND Bar in the car on the way to Costco. There we sampled Annie’s bunnies and a chia seed drink.

We picked Reece up from preschool and headed home for lunch where I snitched a few bites of the leftover pasta and sausage I heated up for the kids. For myself, I heated up a bag of quinoa and kale from Costco and enjoyed it with a side of nitrate-free turkey and sliced heirloom tomatoes, similar to a meal from a previous WIAW.

I put the kids down for nap and ended up napping for a bit with Reece since he asked for extra snuggles and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Once Emme woke up, we had our front porch coffee date and I enjoyed an iced Americano. We skipped the coffee cookies today and had grapes instead.

After Reece woke up, we went for a walk–me pushing Emme in the Cozy Coupe and Reece on his scooter–to take a look at some construction trucks down the street. Then we walked to the corner market and picked up mushrooms and feta cheese for dinner.

Back at home, I put together an easy appetizer that we’ve been enjoying nearly everyday lately. I simply sliced up some organic heirloom tomatoes, drizzled them with good olive oil, sprinkled on fleur de sel and topped with really good crumbled feta and garden-fresh oregano. Can’t get enough of this.

Heirloom tomatoes with olive oil, feta and oregano

I whipped up some unattractive mixture of grass-fed ground beef, mushrooms, garlic and red wine and served it with green beans and quinoa. Not very pretty, but it actually came out really good.


After dinner, we gave our pet caterpillar some fresh lettuce and tomato bits (we found him on one of our heirloom tomatoes the other day).

Feeding the caterpillar

Feeding Catty the caterpillar

Then the kids picked ice pops for dessert, but Emme got hers taken away because she wouldn’t stop spitting at the table….and I ate it (not in front of her! I’m not that cruel). But also, while I had been getting the ice pops out of the freezer, I saw a fun size Milky Way bar that was probably in there from last Halloween. Yeah, I ate that too.

After the kids went to bed, Doug made us both a bowl of strawberries and raspberries that included a tiny piece of brownie and square of Ghirardelli almond sea salt chocolate, so of course I ate that too.

Berries and chocolate

A little of a dessert overload tonight, making me glad I’d skipped the usual coffee cookie in the afternoon! No big deal, though, since it’s definitely not the norm.

Do you freeze candy bars on Halloween? I love frozen Snickers and Milky Ways.

Have you ever raised a caterpillar? I’d love to see ours turn into a butterfly, but I’m so afraid of killing it!

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Fun and Fitness at BlogFest and the IDEA World Fitness Convention

I’m back from BlogFest and whew, what a whirlwind event! Surprisingly, I felt more energetic throughout the whole thing than at BlogHer and I think that’s because there were workouts in the mix instead of just spending the whole time sitting in sessions.

Standing outside Anaheim Convention Center IDEA World

This was the first BlogFest ever and it was held at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, which is huge. I knew it was big, but I had no idea it was 12,000 people big. My first morning there, I rode in the elevator with a woman who had come from Hong Kong and a man from Kuwait. This convention is a big deal!


Needless to say, the expo was amazing! There were tons of different companies representing everything from fitness clothing to exercise equipment to healthy food. It was a treat to browse all of the fun clothes, try out some new workouts and sample tasty food.

Trying out aerial fitness

Giving aerial fitness a try

Not to mention, I ran in to Jackelyn from Fiterazzi (have you read my article on postpartum body image yet?) who introduced me to her sister Cassey Ho of Blogilates.

Me at Cassey Ho at BlogFest IDEA World

I also got to say hi to Tracey Mallett, creator of Booty Barre, who I took my first ever Pilates class from when I was pregnant with Reece. I got to take her Booty Barre class, which burned in the best way and was so much fun. Party at the barre is right!

Me and Tracey Mallett BlogFest IDEA World

Other than the great workouts by celebrity fitness pros–like PiYo with Chalene Johnson–I got to hear many inspirational and informational messages from people like Augie Nieto (founder of Life Fitness who has been fighting ALS since 2005), Diana Nyad (who swam more than 100 miles from Cuba to Florida at age 60), Jillian Michaels (no explanation needed) and Cassey Ho of Blogilates. Lots of notes were taken!

Augie Nieto and his wife at the IDEA World Opening Ceremony

Augie Nieto and his wife at the IDEA World Opening Ceremony

More than anything, I was excited to meet the bloggers I’ve seen online, especially Gina, aka The Fitnessista, since I’ve read her blog for years and used her workouts to help get back in shape after having Emme. She and two other bloggers (Run Eat Repeat and Peanut Butter Fingers) spoke on a panel and gave lots of helpful blogging tips.


I was glad I got to meet and chat with Gina a bit and she is completely adorable and just as sweet as she seems on her blog. Not to mention she looks even more fit in person than online!

Me Fitnessista and My Healthy Happy Home

My only picture with her came out blurry! Me, Giselle and Gina

One of the best things about the conference was definitely meeting all the other bloggers that were there. I especially enjoyed meeting Jamie and Alyse from Sweat Pink, as well as Giselle from My Healthy Happy Home and my roommate Christina from Fit Scholar. Christina and I didn’t know each other before we roomed together and she turned out to be a great roommate and a lot of fun to hang out with.

Oh, and I did I mention the amazing swag?! This picture doesn’t even include the heart rate monitor from UnderArmour (watch that video on their homepage–amazing!) or my fantastic new headband from Banded that actually stays on my head because I was wearing them both from my workout.


Bonus: I also won a giveaway for a year’s worth of Pure Canadian Maple syrup and maple water!

Speaking of giveaways, I’ve been promising you one for awhile now and there truly is one coming soon!

All of this makes for a very marvelous Monday!

If you went to the conference, what were your favorite highlights?

How are you marvelous in your Monday?

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This Week in Workouts – Back From BlogFest

I’m back from BlogFest and stopping in to say hi with a rundown of the workouts I did there. The full recap will come tomorrow. I had such a fun time, but it sure is nice to see these faces again.


Here’s what this week looked like with all the workouts at BlogFest:

Monday: Teach Pilates
Tuesday: 5-mile stroller run
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Yoga + PiYo
Friday: Bootcamp + Yoga
Saturday: Pilates + Booty Barre
Sunday: Run or Off?

There were a lot of back-to-back workouts and by the time I got to Booty Barre right after Pilates, my legs were screaming. I’m planning on getting to the gym for a run to shake things out today, but there’s also a chance I might just take the day off completely. We’ll see how the morning goes.

PiYo with Chalene

PiYo with Chalene Johnson

Booty Barre with Tracey Mallett

Booty Barre with Tracey Mallett

Back to my usual workout routine this week and I know I’ll be wishing I had easy access to a barre class.

What’s your favorite group exercise class?

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