A Weekend of Halloween Fun

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your final weekend before Halloween! Maybe you even had some Halloween fun like we did.

As per usual, our weekend kicked off on Friday with Science Discovery Day at Reece’s school.


It’s not his usual school day, so Doug took him and Emme for a few fun hours of exploring and learning while I taught my first class at a new gym. Only one person showed up, but I was happy I looked good in my new Fabletics outfit for the occasion. :) (Have you guys tried them? Your first outfit is only $25, which is totally worth it. Yes, that’s a referral link.)

new fabletics outfit

Later that night we had a Havest Festival at the Y, so the kids got to dress up in their costumes for the first time.

Flamingo Halloween costume

My mother-in-law, who is much craftier than I, put together Emme’s adorable flamingo costume and spruced up Reece’s Zane costume (the white ninja from Ninjago) that he previously wore on his fourth birthday.

Flamingo and ninja Halloween costumes

Sadly, Emme says flamingo like a big girl now.

Saturday started as a solemn day with a rainy morning run, followed by a memorial service for an extended family member. I also stopped by my mom’s gravesite since it’s been six months now since she passed away.

After the kids’ nap, the sun was shining and we were ready for some fun at our neighbor’s pumpkin carving party. I was pretty excited to be wearing my second outfit of real clothes in one day, since I’m usually in workout clothes all day, and snapped a pic with a cute little photo bomber.

Outfit of the day photo bomber

Best of all, I won 3rd place at the party for my alien pumpkin!

alien pumpkin

Sunday it was back to our usual day–workout and bike ride in the morning, back home for lunch and nap time, afternoon espresso at home, work around the house, dinner and a Giants’ game in the evening.

Not a bad weekend!

What fall fun did you have this weekend?

Any costume or pumpkin parties?

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This Week in Workouts: The Secret is to Keep Going

Today when I was exercising at the Y, I noticed they had a sign posted that said “The Secret: Keep Going.”

How true this is! Even when we have off weeks, even when we don’t feel like working out, even when we can only squeeze in 10 minutes of exercise one day, even when we feel a cold coming on and it’s all we can do to get just a walk in that day, all that matters is that we’re still doing it. We’re still getting out there, doing something and staying active.

Staying in the habit of being active is what will keep us moving towards our goals no matter what gets in the way. Keep going.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get in my best mix of workouts with my teaching schedule, especially now that I’ve taken on another Pilates class at a new gym.

Here’s what this week’s workouts looked like:

Monday: Teach Pilates
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 3-mile stroller jog/walk + teach Pilates
Thursday: Total body circuit + walk/jog hill intervals on the treadmill
Friday: Teach Pilates
Saturday: 2-mile rainy run with a stop under shelter to do high knees, jumping jacks and butt kicks when the rain came down harder
Sunday: Total body circuit + 20 min stationary bike HIIT

skechers breast cancer awareness shoes cemetery run

Picture from my rainy fall run around the cemetery.

I don’t love that I’m doing strength training multiple days in a row, but there’s no way to avoid it now. I’d still also like to get in one longer cardio day, but I didn’t make the time for it on Saturday, which is the day I could have fit in it.

Overall, a good mix of workouts, I think!


I’m proud to be working with Skechers this month to support the fight against breast cancer. Find out how you can too here.

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Say the Magic Word

Reece Big Smile Legos

This week at Target, I bought both kids a pack of glow necklaces from the dollar section. Each package has two necklaces and I told them we are not opening them until Halloween.

As I was getting Emme into the bath that night, Reece came in crying because he had opened his package and started one of the sticks glowing. I told him there was no way to stop it, that it would wear out in one day and now he would only have one to use on Halloween.

He was happy enough to play with it for a short time until it was time to put it away for dinner and bed when he remembered that it wouldn’t last through the next day, let alone Halloween.

About 20 minutes after we put him to bed, he came out of his room, saying he wanted to speak to me alone. When we were out of Doug’s earshot, he very close to tears asked me if I could have daddy say the magic word to stop the necklace from glowing so that he could still use it on Halloween.

Not sure of what he meant, I explained again that there was no way to stop it and there is no magic word we can say that will help. Unsatisfied with that response, he kept on about it for a bit until I assured him that I would have daddy at least try.

Settled by this answer he stated that yes, as long as daddy tried to say the magic word, just like he does when he makes oranges disappear, it was ok if it didn’t work.

Trying to hold back laughter now that I understood, I said ok, I’d make sure daddy tried and back to bed he went.

In the fall and winter, clementines are a favorite of ours for dessert and snacks alike, and we almost always have a bowl of them around. Last winter, Doug created a little game with Reece at the dinner table, making a clementine “disappear” and reappear just by saying the magic word: Hibiddy-hibiddy-hoo-hoooo!

Sometimes variations such as “say it with your eyes closed and spin around in a circle three times” make their way in there. Reece loves playing this game and it’s especially cute when he has his neighbor friend over and we have these two little boys squeezing their eyes shut tight and very animatedly shouting “hibiddy-hibiddy-hoo-hooo!”

It’d been a few months since we had all these clementines around, but we’ve started getting them again now that they’re in season. Reece immediately remembered this little game and started it up again. I thought by this year he had figured out that Doug isn’t actually making them disappear. Perhaps he has, but his hopeful little mind is still holding on to the magic.

A word that is so magic it apparently has powers that extend beyond making clementines disappear.

The morning after the glow necklace incident, Reece asked if daddy had tried the magic word so that the necklace could be restored for Halloween use. Happy enough that Doug had at least tried even though it hadn’t worked, he went on with his day, bringing a few clementines to the table that night for more magic.

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