Simple, Healthy, Delicious Mountain High Yoghurt *Coupon*

We’re big on yoghurt in this family. The simple, healthy goodness that we can tailor to our tastebuds with different toppings makes it perfect to enjoy for breakfast, snack or even dessert! It also makes an excellent healthier alternative for cooking and baking when you use it to replace ingredients like sour cream or butter, which means we pretty much always have a tub around.

Simple, Healthy Mountain High Yoghurt for anytime of day!

Mountain High Yoghurt believes less is more and they exist to embrace simple goodness, which is just how I feel about my yoghurt. When I enjoy yoghurt, simple is best, and plain yoghurt is the way to go, topped with my favorite healthy extras. I enjoy the tart creaminess of yoghurt, which makes the brand particularly important since the taste of the yoghurt itself shines through.

Mountain High Yoghurt for breakfast with fruit, honey and nuts

Mountain High Plain Yoghurt has a rich, creamy texture that’s thicker than many other brands with a pleasant tang. I gave the low fat variety a try because it cuts the fat without cutting back too much on texture. They also offer full fat and vanilla versions.

[Side Note: Yoghurt with an “h” is not a typo, it’s simply more similar to the spelling of the word in many European countries and you can even find both versions in the dictionary! via Mountain High Yoghurt]

Mountain High Yoghurt in Plain and Vanilla

For breakfast and snack, I not only top it with berries and a drizzle of raw honey, but also add walnuts for filling fiber and even more of a protein punch.

For dessert, I also like it topped with a variety of fruit or sometimes swirled with raspberry jam or maybe even some chocolate chips. :)

Even though my kids ate plain yoghurt straight up for the longest time, these days they would probably choose a flavored yoghurt over plain. I purchased both the plain and vanilla versions and tasted a little bowl of each for dessert, topped with juicy and sweet strawberries and peaches. Both were good, but the vanilla made it taste even more like dessert.

Mountain High Yoghurt with berries for dessert

Having a tub of plain yoghurt on hand also ensures that there’s always a topping for our weekly tacos since it’s a great replacement for sour cream. Follow Mountain High Yoghurt on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for more great ways to enjoy your yoghurt as well as creative ways to use your container once it’s empty!

Don’t forget your Mountain High Yoghurt Coupon! Sign up for their monthly newsletter to save $1.00 when you buy two tubs!

Thank you, Mountain High Yoghurt, for sponsoring today’s story!

How do you enjoy your yoghurt?

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Memorial Day Weekend Picture Post

Now that the holiday weekend is officially over, I have my usual weekend update to share. It was a sort of sick weekend for some of us over here, but we did have some fun!

Friday was Doug’s day off, so we spent the day running errands like trying to pick out a new front door. Fun in theory, but not when you have two oh-so-bored little ones along. Not even iPad entertainment could solve this problem, so the day was kind of a bust.

We did enjoy a few of these little guys that we received in our latest CSA delivery from Farm Fresh to You (locals, enter code LAUR7375 to get $10 off your first order! I’ll also get a discount when you sign up, so it’s a win-win :) ). They’re called apriums — a hybrid of an apricot and a plum — and are delicious! I can’t wait to get my hands on some more!

holding a delicious aprium

Saturday we tried to start over with a good weekend and we had a good start when neighbor kids came over to play for a bit in the morning. Emme wanted her hair to be just like her little friend’s and was thrilled when I did it up to match.

Emme and her friend with matching hairdos

Even her clip had to be blue because her friend’s was blue. :)

My mom‘s best friend was in town for a visit, so the kids and I headed to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose to spend time with her and my sister.

My sister and mom's best friend with Emme

We have annual passes there, so it’s a great place to go for rainy (or windy as the case my be) day entertainment . The kids love it there and had an extra fun time being with my mom’s friend.

Reece and my mom's best friend

After a couple of hours, I realized that I was definitely not 100% over my cold and was ready to go home for nap. Emme was also well past nap time and showing it, so home we went.

Emme at the Children's Discovery Museum in San JoseSunday was kind of a bummer of a day since Doug was supposed to do a big bike race, but he was now not feeling well enough for. We tried to lay low and make the best of it by going to see the movie Home, which was really cute. I actually didn’t love it at first, but then it had me in tears later on and I wound up liking it quite a bit.

We ended the evening with wine and cheese, which can turn even the worst bummer of a day around.

wine and cheese

Since no one was quite 100% and my voice is still crackly from losing it over the weekend, we had a low-key Memorial Day with just the four of us instead of getting together with anyone.

We split up in the morning — Reece heading to the hardware store with Doug and Emme going on a jog in the stroller with me. They are much better behaved when split up.

Jogging with the BOB and Emme's ruby slippers

It was fun to run to Santana Row for coffee, the park and then home again and a great way to get in some miles since I wasn’t teaching thanks to the holiday.

It was also fun spending time with this little cutie.

Emme dressed for Memorial Day

Since our backyard is a  complete mess right now, we opted for sriracha burgers cooked on the stove, which are just as good. That Costco organic ground beef is just the best meat and everything we make with it tastes so good.

Sriracha burger lettuce wrap

I find hamburger buns to just be unnecessary filler and I’d rather eat other things, so we went with lettuce wraps, even for the kids (although they ate everything separately, starting with the tomato slice).

One majorly great thing about this weekend was how much I got to sleep in. Once Doug is up, he’s up, whereas I can usually go back to sleep, so it’s (somewhat) easier for him to get up when the kids wake up at 6:30. I got to enjoy a few leisurely mornings and even made lots of time for reading, which is something I’ve committed to do more of since I love it so much.

Reading Delancey with coffee

Reading Delancey (<–referral link!)–about a restaurant in Seattle–and planning to eat there on our trip in a few months.

And in case you thought this post was a little short on Reece pictures, here’s a good one to end on from Monday’s front porch coffee date (click for more Instagram coffee date pictures and follow along!). :)

Reece eating a peanut butter cup during front porch coffee date

That’s a Trader Joe’s peanut butter cup. :)

Hope the rest of your week is enjoyable and don’t forget to enter my giveaway for summer hair care products!

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This Week in Workouts: Just the Workouts

Just stopping by with a quick “week in workouts” post since no one’s going to be reading anyway this Memorial Day weekend. :) I’ll update you on our weekend adventures (or lack thereof) in another post since we still have one more day of weekend left!

Can you guess what happened this week that threw off my workouts yet again? Another round of colds hit our house! Emme started getting a runny nose on Sunday and by Tuesday, she was too sick to go to gym child care, which meant finding a sub for my Tues, Wed and Thursday morning classes.

By Wednesday, I was coming down with her funk too, but still able to teach my Thursday night and Friday morning classes while Doug was around to watch Emme.

I thought I was feeling pretty good, but after a few hours out of the house on Saturday, I realized I was far from 100%, so no workouts all weekend. :( Plus, I lost my voice! Fun times when you have children, let me tell you!

Anyway, here’s what this week looked like:

Monday: Cardio + Strength/Flexibility – Teach Tabata (four rounds) and Pilates
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Friday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

I’m not sure what is up with our family and getting sick so often. We get sick more than anyone else I know even with our healthy eating and hand-washing habits. So frustrating.

It’s annoying that it affects other people too because I was scheduled to sub two additional classes this week, which I also had to cancel. There’s not much I can do if someone is sick, but I don’t like having to let people down when I committed to something.

Thank goodness it’s May and hopefully we’ll be in the clear during summer at least!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend and let’s remember, as we go about our barbecues and beach trips, the people this country has lost who are the reason we have this day free.



P.S. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for some awesome summer hair care products!

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