Family Picture Day Sucks

Family picture day sucks. We all have to come to terms with that and be prepared with a good great photographer who can capture amazing shots regardless of the chaos.

Family Picture

Love this one, especially of the kids, even though you can see the stress in our faces.

We’ve got the amazing photographer covered (special thanks to rosanne parket photography for always getting pictures that almost make us forget the drama of the day), but I’m still determined to one day have a family picture day that doesn’t suck.

I thought I’d covered my bases this year, but I was wrong.

Reece Emme Steps

You can totally see the evil glint in their eyes.

“We’re going to have a good family picture day,” Doug declared as we finished our morning and headed into our routine of lunch, then nap.

I’d been prepping the kids for days already, getting them excited about their outfits and making sure they liked them. They knew we were going to smile for the camera and then meet up with friends for dinner after, which gave them something to look forward to.

They seemed ok with it.


My 4-year-old doesn’t always fall asleep during nap time anymore, but we really needed him to have his nap so we could get ourselves ready. He did fall asleep this time, but too late, which meant we’d need to wake him up to leave on time. That was my first clue that things might take a turn for the worse.


Waking him up from nap doesn’t usually go well and this time was no exception.

We roused our grouchy little man and put him in front of the TV for a show, as per our usual routine–God forbid we stray from that–as we attempted to get him dressed.

Enter the whining and complaining about not liking anything he was supposed to wear, including the shirt he had previously thought was cool.


Also, I had somehow worked on getting everyone’s outfit picked out except mine, so I spent the last hour before we left changing clothes (some borrowed from a friend since I have minimal fashionable non workout attire) before finally deciding on an outfit that included a pair of leggings I pulled from the dirty clothes hamper.

Does knowing that make our pictures look less pretty?

Standing Family Photo

Even though our prep time was stressful, we actually had a decent car ride up to Stanford University, where we were shooting, because I kept the kids quiet with offerings of goldfish.

However, once we were there it was nothing but fake smiles, refusing to cooperate and tons of whining. Tons.

Family 1

We begged. We threatened. We told Reece no dessert that night at the restaurant (and stuck with it when the time came). Nothing worked.

Any real smiles you see are truly an accident and that’s why it’s so important to have an excellent photographer who can capture those moments when they happen.

Family Photo

We finally called it quits.

I thought we’d need a reshoot. When we wrapped up, all I was hoping for was at least one good picture because I was really dreading the thought of having to do it again.

As you can see, we got a lot more than one.

Somehow, someway rosanne parket photography managed to capture pictures that you’d never guess were the result of such madness.


Fortunately, she also passed along a few that show glimpses of what the day was really like and I’m happy to have these for memory’s sake, even if they won’t be showing up in any picture frames.

Family Photo Outtake

See Reece over there? That is what he was like most of the shoot.

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From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Card



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Workouts and Weekend

Good morning all! Well, afternoon now to those of you on the east coast. Since I missed yesterday’s post, I thought I’d do a combined weekend and workouts post today and join the marvelous Monday linkup as usual.

For the most part, I’d say our weekend was pretty uneventful. With the exception of a pedicure (which was soooo needed–it had been way too long and my feet were embarrassing me) and Christmas party on Saturday, the rest of the weekend didn’t have much going on.

pretty coffee and a pedicure

Case in point: Friday night I had a staff meeting at the Y and leftovers for dinner and Sunday we went minivan shopping. Be jealous.

I did get in some good workouts though, including hour-long cardio and a TRX class. Here what my workouts looked like for the week:

Monday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Tuesday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Wednesday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Thursday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Friday: Strength/Flexibility + Cardio – Teach Pilates + 20 min treadmill HIIT
Saturday: Cardio – 1 hour cardio (20 min each of treadmill HIIT, AMT and stationary bike)
Sunday: Strength + Cardio – 15 min stair machine + TRX class

Exercise ball balance selfie

Just hanging out before class

As you can see, I didn’t get anything other than Pilates in until the last part of the week and it felt great to finally get my heart rate up. Hopefully this week I’ll be more motivated for nap time workouts.

I’ve only taken TRX one other time before and it was mostly strength, so I when I got to the gym early for class, I thought doing 15 minutes of cardio would be a good idea. Big mistake.

It was more of a Tabata style TRX class with lots of cardio elements, so I was dying. Not to mention that my legs had already been worked on the stair machine, so they were tired too. It was a great workout, though, and I’m glad I tried it again.

Happy Monday!

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Live On. Give On. $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Thank you to Medronic for sponsoring today’s post and giveaway.

It’s a fitting time of year to talk about giving back to our community. We’re focused on all that we have to be thankful for while at the same time are being offered ample opportunities to help make the season brighter for others.

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Their stories are inspiring and each one of them has provided a life tip to encourage you to give back too.

Live On Give On 10 Tips

As I read through each of the 10 Bakken Invitation Honorees, I was initially struck by the photo of Haruku Sato since her head was tilted in a way that was similar to my mom’s at the end of her life. Unrelated diseases, but nonetheless it drew me in. That and I loved her tip.

Bloom where you are planted

Haruku has a disease called Dystonia, which is a cervical condition that causes the neck to turn to one side. She works to create awareness of the disease and the treatment options for it through the Dystonian Friends Association which she founded.

As far as her tip, it’s a good reminder that we can do so much right where we are. We can make a difference in little ways and it’s especially easy this time of year since there’s no shortage of opportunities. I’m taking advantage of this by using these opportunities to teach my kids about giving.

When Santa came to visit my son’s preschool yesterday, instead of handing out presents, he took an offering from the kids to give to those in need. To prepare, we got out my son’s dinosaur bank, counted all his money and he got to choose how much of it to give. This was really challenging for him and a good teaching moment. It’s just the start of what I hope to teach him about giving this holiday season and all year round.

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