What I’ve Been Doing Other Than Blogging

I’ve been keeping quiet around here, and although blogging has become low priority these days, I wouldn’t say I’m done with it for good.

Here’s a little of what I’ve been doing instead of posting.


Sort of. As much as my almost-three-year-old who screams for me in the middle of the night just to tell me she loves me will let me. Overall, I’ve been going to bed a bit earlier than when I was blogging regularly and, having no deadlines, my only late nights have been due to staying up chatting with friends or on the endless time suck that is Facebook.

Emme up early

I mean she’s cute and all, but LET ME SLEEP!


Once an avid reader, it’s been one of the things I’ve missed most since becoming a mom and finding little time for it. I had picked it up a bit more at one point, but then once I started blogging, that’s where all my free time went. Less blogging = more reading and that’s a happy tradeoff for me.

learning to read

This boy is loving learning to read and I want to make sure he sees me enjoy reading too.


Now that I have one school-age kid, I’ve jumped right in with volunteer opportunities. I’m happy to help out in Reece’s classroom as much as I can, which is a big reason I chose this stay-at-home mom gig in the first place. Some of these opportunities require time both in and out of the classroom, so I have frequently found myself using nap time to prep instead of blog.

Fall Festival fun

Those finger flashlights on Reece’s buddy’s hand at their Fall Festival? Thanks to my volunteering/classroom organizing efforts.

Watching TV.

While not as noble a pastime as the above activities, it certainly feels good most evenings to just crash on the couch and watch a couple of shows rather than sit with the laptop half watching whatever Doug chooses. Better yet, it’s nice to binge watch Gilmore Girls on a free evening rather than spending that time stressing over some blog post I need to write.

Fractured Prune Doughnut and wine

Enjoying a splurge, just me and the Gilmore Girls


Not really a word, but it’s what sums up where my energy has gone. Obviously, there are tons of mom bloggers out there who enjoy making blogging work even with their schedule, but for me, I’ve let it fall by the wayside. Having both kids in school did free up some hours in my days, but also required more brain power (holy paperwork!, varying dismissal times, minimum days, packing lunches, etc) and saving things for the hours I knew I’d have free, which made the time go very quickly rather than being free. Also, there are formal activities and play dates and “it’s ice cream day after school today!” type things, so yeah, time gets filled easily.

kids being silly at swim lessons

Swim lessons and gymnastics and karate, oh my!

I do enjoy my little space on the Internet to put stuff out there when I want to, so you can still expect to hear stuff from me completely randomly. Plus, I like my blogging buddies and it’s a nice way to keep in touch with people so please leave some comment love when I do because I like to hear from you too!

Mother daughter selfie

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Talk Read and Sing to Boost Baby’s Development With First 5 California

When Reece was a baby, I posted a status update on Facebook about how having him around was like having my own cooking show.

He would sit there in his Bumbo smiling at me, the fragrances of my cooking wafting his way.

Baby in Bumbo with Sophie Giraffe

“Once the garlic becomes fragrant, then we add the can of tomatoes,” I’d narrate.

When Emme was a baby, I combated her evening “witching hour” by wearing her in the carrier for dinner prep. There she could easily see everything I was doing and whether I was talking directly to her or to Reece about monster trucks, her little ears were listening and her developing brain processing.

Wearing baby for dinner prep Beco Gemini

This is the basis of First 5 California‘s “Talk. Read. Sing. ® it changes everything” campaign, which aims to inform parents and caregivers about the importance of exercising their little ones’ brains in the first five years of their life. Many of us sign our kids up for activities and push for earlier academics in an effort to boost our child’s brain power, but the things that matter the most are simple. Just talk, read and sing.

Library book reading at park

A child’s brain develops rapidly at the beginning of his or her life–more than 80% by age three and 90% by age five. First 5 California provides valuable free information on how to best stimulate your child in their earliest years, including a helpful activity center that offers age-appropriate suggestions for play.

No matter what activities you do together, the most important thing is that you’re engaging your child with lots of words from early on. It’s never too soon to start reading to your baby and even if you don’t like the sound of your own singing voice, First 5 California has a Pandora station so you can liven up any day with a dance party!

Just remember that although your child may enjoy the activities you choose to shell out money for, the only thing they really need is to be around the people who love them. Talking, reading and singing.

Backyard library book reading

What are your favorite ways to interact with your littles?

Check out First 5 California on Facebook to stay connected!

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On the Eve of My Baby’s First Day of Kindergarten

My first baby starts kindergarten in the morning. His backpack is stuffed with school supplies and his first day outfit is picked, so all we’ll have to worry about in the morning is getting him to wear a pair of socks with his new shoes since his feet have been free most of the summer.

Reece big smile

This mama heart of mine is excited for him, but, more than anything else, it’s anxious.

It’s been awhile since I was in kindergarten, so I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m picturing a whole lot of worksheets and a lot less of hands on activities. I hope I’m wrong.

Exploring, experimenting and creating are how my boy learns best (how all 5-year-olds learn best?) and we were spoiled with a preschool that allowed him to do just that. To him, learning means sitting and listening even though those things he loves doing are where the real learning happens.

Happy Reece

Never had we ever considered putting our kids in a private school until we fell in love with his preschool. I swear we’d put him there through to 12th grade if we could. Since that can’t happen, we’ve decided to stick with our public school that we can walk to, where we can be a part of our community, and where we believe he will do just fine.

But I don’t want him to do just fine, I want him to thrive.

My boy

To me this means play, explore, touch and do. Academics sounds too harsh for this age. Five-year-olds should be moving their bodies more often than sitting at desks. Maybe in kindergarten they still do. I hope so.

I feel worried that school is going to crush his spirit. I’m afraid an academic focus is going to ruin his desire to really learn. I’m worried I won’t see the same light in his eyes anymore that I saw while he was in preschool.

My heart is anxious about these first few years of schooling because I fear they’ll either make or break him. I realize this sounds dramatic and I keep telling myself I’ll get over all this once school actually starts.

Mommy and Reece

I’m looking forward to this new phase of his life in so many ways and am excited for all that he’ll learn and the new friends that he’ll make. On our walk to kindergarten, I’ll focus on of this. And try to hold back the tears.

How are you handling your babies starting school?

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