A Day in the Life, WIAW Style

I always like to read day-in-the-life posts from my favorite bloggers, so I thought it might be fun to do my own, since it’s been awhile. It’s also nice for me to record this, for memory’s sake. Here’s a look into a typical weekday for us, with a 6.5-year-old first grader and an almost 4-year-old who’s not in school yet. I’m also including my eats for the day, so it counts for WIAW as well.

Since this is from last Friday, the evening ended a little differently than usual, but overall it’s a pretty good glimpse at how we roll around here. 🙂

Day in the Life WIAW Style

6am Alarm goes off on my iPhone. I have it set to some pleasant-sounding alarm tone that makes it easier to wake up.

Bedtime Settings on iPhone
My bedtime settings on my iPhone. 8 hours does not happen as often as my body would like it!

6:02am Drop phone in toilet. I do not even know how this happened–the phone just slipped out of my hand as I was walking into the bathroom. I wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to disinfect and hope for the best. I do have a LifeProof case, but part of it broke, so it’s not waterproof anymore.

6:13am Get a glass of water and a cup of coffee (almond milk creamer and a spoonful of turbanado sugar). Reece calls out for me to see if he can wake up. It’s 45 minutes before his normal wakeup time because he is excited to write a story he had been thinking about the day before (I get it, dude!). I bring him some paper and a pencil and tell him it’s fine if he’s awake as long as he stays quiet in his room.

6:15am Start a solid 45 minutes of work. I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but I’ve been working as an SEO specialist and blog assistant for a couple of months now, and I love it! I’m really enjoying doing SEO work again like I used to when I worked in marketing pre-kids. This chunk of time in the morning is my most distraction-free time to work and it’s peaceful with just me and my coffee.

6:55am Kids officially are awake (Reece had come out of his room twice prior to this to use the bathroom, so my work time was not as free of distraction as usual). Reece gets gets dressed and helps Emme pick her clothes.

7am Kids watch a TV show while I go to get dressed. But before I get to do that, I remember Reece’s walk-a-thon money is due, so I quickly write our check and gather all the other donations in an envelope.

7:10am Say goodbye to Doug. Remember I should have posted a reminder about walk-a-thon donations being due today on the PTA Facebook page (I’m on the PTA board this year and the Facebook page is my responsibility), so I quickly download a free image of dollar bills from Pixabay to use that in my reminder post.

7:20am Get dressed for real this time, behind schedule. Dig through the clean laundry baskets for socks and underwear. Decide which workout clothes to wear based on today’s workout (planning on steady state cardio).

7:25am The kids are done with TV, so I head to the kitchen to hurry up and make their breakfast. They decide they’d like to make their own breakfast today (toast with butter and jelly), so no rushing happens. As I take pictures of them, I realize the camera lens on my phone is cloudy because toilet water leaked in (gag), so I have to figure out how to take the case off to rub everything down with rubbing alcohol on the inside.

Reece makes breakfast Emme makes breakfast

7:40am Eat breakfast 10 minutes later than usual and read a bit of the newspaper. Forget to take a picture of my breakfast and now I don’t remember what I had. It was either toast with peanut butter, cereal with almond milk and walnuts or scrambled eggs with spinach. 🙂

7:50am Kids brush their teeth, hair and gather their socks and shoes with much arguing. I do minimal makeup and give Capri her medicine for a skin issue she’s having while yelling at the kids to quit arguing and get their stuff together. Remember I need to find Reece clean socks and end up settling for a mismatched pair, but at least the part sticking up above the shoe matches! Remind Emme for the umpteenth time to get pants on since she skipped this part while getting dressed earlier.

8:00am Open the garage door to get the jogging stroller loaded, get Reece’s helmet on for his bike and meet up with our neighbors for our walk to school. Realize then that I left Reece’s bike and helmet in the back of my car, which Doug is driving today since i have to pick up something for our school’s fall festival and needed his big truck. After some discussion about what we should do (Reece could wear his toddler helmet and ride the scooter), we decide to drive instead right when our neighbor shows up.

8:15am Park at school with enough time for Reece to play on the playground. Reece realizes at this moment that he forgot his library book and is very upset because he won’t be able to get another book out from the school library. Since we have time, we drive back to the house to get it even though this means missing morning playground time.

8:20am Run through the house with Reece looking for library book, which we find in my bedroom.

8:25am Arrive back at school, dropping Reece off in the drop off lane so he can be on time. He tells me later that he was actually late and had to go get a pass, so I guess it was probably 8:26. Oh well.

8:30am Back at home, I run in to pack Emme snacks for the Y quickly while she waits in the car. I grab a towel for the gym, check PTA email because there’s one I’m waiting for, put Capri in her crate (she can’t be trusted at home alone for longer than an hour in her old age) and head to the Y. We don’t always go to the Y right away, but I’m motivated to just go and get it done today.

9am Decide to go slightly out of my way to get Costco gas since it’s significantly cheaper and the line is usually shorter in the morning.

9:25am Line was longer than expected and I’m finally at the Y. I check Emme in to kids club then I go check the group ex schedule just to see what’s happening right now. I was planning on a treadmill run, but since I see Les Mills Body Attack at 9:35, I decide to give it a try for my cardio instead. I enjoy the class and think it’s a good way to change up my cardio sometimes. I especially like the agility portions, since that’s something I don’t usually do.

Emme and me shadows

10:35am Chat with instructor (my boss!) to get her advice on taking a leg day or a rest day the next day based on my other workouts this week. She recommends a leg day with what I tell her, so I’ll go for it!

10:40am Eat LÄRABAR (affiliate), play Pokemon (the Y is always good for a bunch of Pokemon!), sit on my phone and enjoy peace for 20 minutes until I have to pick up Emme.

LARABAR at the Y

11am Emme has moved from kids club to the preschool class the Y has for an hour, so I go up to her class and sit in the back for the last half hour, hoping she doesn’t notice me. This Y has a 1.5 hour time limit on how long kids can be in kids club/kids programs without a parent. Since Emme’s time limit is up, she can be in this class as long as I’m there, but she does better if she doesn’t see me. Plus, it’s fun to “spy” on her interacting with her friends.

11:30am We leave class and Emme plays with her friends outside for a bit while munching on her seaweed snack.

12pm Arrive home to a package on my doorstep from LÄRABAR–yay! I signed up to be an ambassador for them since I love their products so much and it’s always fun to receive goodies from them. This time the package included a variety box, a hat and a portable charger.

LÄRABAR Ambassador Goodies

12:10 Eat lunch and read more newspaper.

Quesadilla, salad and avocado for Emme's lunch
Quesadilla, salad and avocado for Emme’s lunch
Leftovers for my lunch--Sweet potatoes and ground turkey topped with sriracha
Leftovers for my lunch–Sweet potatoes and ground turkey topped with sriracha

12:50pm Emme goes down for her quiet time, taking pencils and paper with her. Quiet time isn’t too quiet these days with how often she asks how much longer she has. Need to figure out a better way to do this.

12:55pm Sit down to work some more and Emme comes out to show me her picture, then goes back.

1pm Start working.

1:22pm Pause my work to put laundry in dryer. I’ve also been craving fruit since lunchtime and since we’re low on produce, I grab pumpkin applesauce, which does the trick.Pumpkin Spice applesauce from Sprouts

1:45pm Emme is up from “nap” since she wasn’t being quiet anyway and asks for applesauce too. Whines until I’m done working at 2.

2pm Read Emme a story, check the mail, let Capri out to go potty and finish packing the kids for their overnight with my in laws (using clothes from the dryer that are still damp!).

2:30pm Pick Reece up from school. When I park at the school I realize I don’t think I let Capri back in the house after she went potty. She tends to be destructive outside when we leave her out and I worry about it the rest of the time I’m at school. It’s ice cream day, so I buy the kids an ice cream (money goes towards 5th grade science camp) and pick up our tickets for the fall festival.

3pm My mother-in-law picks up the kids from school for their overnight.

3:05pm I get home, very nervous about what the state of our yard will be, but Capri has done fine, no damage done. Phew! Get espresso started on the stove and now it’s time to HUSTLE and clean up from our day since I have done nothing to the house, not even the dishes.

Bialetti on the stove
Bialetti makes good espresso! (affiliate link)

Enjoy an iced almond milk latte while cleaning up.

iced almond milk latte ingredients

3:30pm Pause clean up to take a PTA phone call, check PTA email, approve my Y timecard. I don’t need to do my pickup for the the fall festival anymore, so that’s one thing off my plate, which is good. Back to cleaning for a bit, but then get distracted by social media for about 20min. Whoops.

iced almond milk latte and dishes
Coffee pick-me-up to get those dishes done!

4:10pm Shower and get ready for date night!!

5:50pm Guzzle my collagen drink before heading out–I just mix collagen (affiliate link) with water and guzzle it down followed by another glass of plain water. I’ve been taking collagen daily for a week or two to see if it makes any difference with my hair and nails. I’ll let you know if I see a difference after a month or so! I find that it helps hold me over when I’m getting hungry close to dinner and then I don’t shove a bunch of snacks in my face, which is a great benefit.

Great Lakes Collagen
Unflavored, but not exactly pleasant tasting!

6pm Head out for date night! Woohoo!

6:30pm Doug and I sit at the bar at The Lexington House in Los Gatos. This restaurant didn’t used to take reservations, but I guess now they do, so we are out of luck for a table. We don’t mind sitting at the bar, though. They make great drinks and the bartender was very knowledgable about the menu. We remember how much we love this restaurant and are glad we finally had a redo of our last date night here in March when we had to take our food to-go and I ended up in the ER with stomach issues (unrelated to the meal).

I enjoy their “pretty good green drink,” which is like an alcoholic green juice topped with cilantro, and a glass of red wine with our meal.


Doug and I split a couple appetizers–squid (not fried) and crispy beans, and arugula salad with prosciutto and butternut squash. We also split the ribs and seared broccolini. Everything was amazing, but next time I think I want a whole plate of the broccolini to myself! It was so good, I’ve already tried to recreate it at home, but it wasn’t quite the same, of course.

8:15pm We end the night at Santana Row where we walk around and enjoy dessert from Pressed Juicery. Pressed Freezes are SO GOOD and a healthier alternative to froyo or ice cream. They’re basically like a LÄRABAR in dessert form because their ingredients are dates, almonds, etc–dairy free and gluten free. I love the vanilla topped with cacao drizzle, almond butter drizzle and himalayan sea salt. It’s a good thing this place is located where parking is inconvenient because otherwise I would be there way too often and it is not cheap (about $6 for a small with three toppings).

Pressed Freeze

10:30pm Call it a night! Obviously we are total party animals going to bed at this time on a Friday night. 🙂 Doug will wake up early for a bike ride the next day and I have a day full of errands, so even though we’re kid-free, it’s better to get some sleep at the nighttime end of things instead of the morning.

So that was our crazy day! It’s funny because I thought about doing a “day in the life” right when I woke up and then it turned into such a crazy day with all the mishaps between the toilet phone and forgotten library book, etc. More entertaining for you, though!

Happy Humpday!

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