A Fresh Approach to Weight Loss, Brought to You By Calio

So, right off the bat you guys, this is a sponsored post. If you’ve been following my blog for pretty much any length of time, you know I’ve done videos and blog posts for Calio, an innovative calorie-counting app. You can see me in the What Is the Mediterranean Diet video right there on the sidebar.

Counting calories with Calio

Well, Calio is currently in Beta, meaning you can’t just go to App Store and download it…yet. They are looking for more users to test out the app and join the private Beta before it’s released to the public.

Calio gives you a place to log both the calories you consume and the calories you expend through exercise. You can choose to speak, type or scan a barcode to record your eats and activity. Check out this demo video to see how it works:

What’s cool about this app is that Calio designed it with the busy person in mind–think moms everywhere–who doesn’t have the time to fuss much with food journaling even though it’s a proven weight-loss tool.

My favorite feature? The “Stop me!” button which pops up with a message when clicked that will help boost your willpower to resist that tempting treat.

Interested yet? Click here to sign up for the Beta.

Update: Calio is now only available through corporate wellness programs.


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