A Night Away

Nearly a whole entire year after Emme was born and Doug and I finally got a night away to ourselves. We left Reece overnight much younger than this, but it’s a little more challenging to get someone to watch two kids overnight, especially when Emme doesn’t sleep through the night yet. It really came down to just needing a break that was more than a couple hours, so I finally asked my dad if he’d be willing and he said yes without hesitation. Wishing I had asked him sooner, because this night off was glorious and so badly needed.

It didn’t really matter where we stayed because we just wanted to sleep, but we decided to stay in the nearby town of Los Gatos so we could at least have some place cute to walk around. Actually, we planned to run together today on some of the nice trails there, but silly me forgot my running shoes and didn’t realize until we were all dressed in our workout clothes about to head out the door. It was a bummer because we never get to exercise together. On the plus side, it was nice to shower and get dressed in real clothes, which is a treat in itself.

Last night we ate at a new Italian restaurant called Centonove and enjoyed grilled octopus for the first time since we were in Greece four years ago. We then went to bed early–I think it was around 9 when I turned out the light–and slept in “late” until about 7:45. It was wonderful to stay in bed without having to jump up right away because one of the kids was up. I stayed in bed as long as possible, sending Doug down to grab breakfast and bring it back to the room. When we finally got up and ready, we walked around the farmer’s market and enjoyed one more meal out together.

Another wonderful thing we enjoyed was ordering coffee “for here” and sitting to drink it in real cups. This is something I didn’t even get to do in France because of the kids and we haven’t done it in a very long time. It was so nice to sit and talk over coffee and biscotti for as long as we wanted.

I have no pictures from the last couple of days because I went cell phone free for the duration. I turned my phone off and didn’t use it to take pictures or even check Facebook while I was doing nothing other than waiting. It was a nice break and I think it’s good to do it every now and then.

I pumped milk for Emme a couple of times since she is still breast feeding and I’m pretty sure that will be my last time pumping. She is nearly a year old and we’ll be working on weaning soon, but I’m certainly not going to spend time pumping since there’s no reason to be concerned about keeping up my supply anymore. Pumping is definitely something I won’t miss!

We so enjoyed our time together, even if it was just for a night. Hopefully we’ll be able to get away for a bit more often now that it went well with my dad. He understands our need for a break and it didn’t even bother him that the kids were up coughing half the night and that he was constantly wiping their noses from the mild colds they have right now. Nothing phases him with these kids and we are so lucky to live near our parents so they can be our babysitters.


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