A Snail Birthday Party to Celebrate 7

If you’ve watched any of my Instastories lately, you likely have a pretty good idea that my kids love snails right now. They collect all the ones they find around the yard and keep them in a cage, and out of our garden! So it was no surprise when Reece announced he wanted to have a snail-themed birthday party. There aren’t an abundance of snail birthday party supplies, but thanks to Pinterest, we were able to celebrate SEVEN with snails!

Snail Birthday Party Ideas

Snail Birthday Party

Snail Cake

Even though baking isn’t something I enjoy regularly, I do try to make my kids’ birthday cakes. Enter the genius pull-apart cupcake cake idea, which allows you to easily create any shape you want out of cupcakes. Plus, instead of having to cut it for party guests, they can just pull apart the cupcake that they want. This might just be my go-to cake format from now on.

Snail cake pull-apart cupcake cake for a snail birthday party

Cute, right?

Snail Balloon

Fortunately, there’s the snail movie Turbo that came out a few years back, so there are limited snail party options out there. I found a Turbo balloon on Amazon and had it filled with helium at the grocery store along with a bunch of latex balloons.

Emme holding down Turbo balloon bouquet

They cut me a deal on the balloon filling, but they were supposed to charge me the same amount as if I had bought a large balloon there because helium is costly. So just be aware if you go this route that it could be pricey as far as balloons go.

Snail Snacks

I saw these snail clementines on Pinterest and knew I had to make a few for the party!

Snail clementines - a cute way to decorate for a snail birthday party!

I definitely was not doing a whole bag of them, but I put out five for table decoration and encouraged the kids to try to make their own with the unpeeled ones we had out for snack. You could say this was our one and only attempt at an actual party activity, but I didn’t have too many takers.

Other snacks I put out (all purchased from Costco) were chips and guac, hummus, edamame, Pirates Booty, veggie platter, string cheese and CapriSun. Kid-friendly, parent-pleasing, mostly healthy and yummy.

Party snacks

Snail Gift

I’m so glad I came across this adorable snail book just a few days before Reece’s birthday.

Escargot snail book

Escargot is the story of an adorable French snail making his way to a salad “with croutons and a light vinaigrette.” You can’t help but love a snail by the end of the book! It’s just perfect for my kids right now because of their love of snails and our upcoming trip to France this summer. It’s my new favorite kid book!

What I Liked About This Snail Party

This snail party was low-key and even the above elements that gave it its theme were really simple. We even had guests of honor since we brought our snail cage along with us and all the kids got a kick out of watching and holding them. There wasn’t a ton of stuff to setup and tear down and I loved not having it at our house because we were able to keep the mess out!

We held it at a nearby park after school and invited Reece’s whole class, plus a few other friends, so most everyone felt included, which was really fun. I say most everyone, because kids in other classes found out about it and I think some of them were bummed not to be invited, so I guess there’s no way to get around that short of inviting the whole grade, which isn’t happening. Since we were having the party at a park that a lot of kids go to, we planned to include any other first graders we happened to see there. It was fun to add a few more kids to the chaos.

We’ve done some big and expensive birthday parties in the past, so while this one was big, the low-key setting was a nice change. Most importantly, Reece had a blast! He loved showing off his snails and having his whole class come celebrate his birthday. Simplest can be best!

birthday boy

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