A Very Merry Weekend

We were in full Christmas mode this weekend. We cut down our tree, decorated the house, broke out the advent calendars, took family pictures and had a “friendsgiving.” For the most part we had a lot of fun, even though there were plenty of moments that were trying, and some of us are still feeling under the weather. Forget sick days, this has been a sick month for us and I’m over it.

On Thursday night, we kicked off the three-day weekend (Doug has every other Friday off) by doing some Tabata. It was his first time doing it and it kicked his butt. So much so, that he’s still sore today. It also reminded me that you should take it easy if it’s your first time doing Tabata, even if you’re used to other forms of exercise. Start with just a four-minute or 8-minute session and build up from there.

Unfortunately, the burpees aggravated my ribs, which I had strained a week ago from all my coughing. They had been feeling better, but the burpees really hurt and now they don’t feel so great anymore. So no Friday Pilates for me since I couldn’t even lift my top half to do most of the ab exercises. Instead, we went to chop down our Christmas tree!

chopping down Christmas tree Santa Cruz mountainsWe had bought a Living Social deal for Summit Tree Farm in the Santa Cruz mountains. Along the way, we stopped at Summit Market for sandwiches and had a picnic before hunting down our perfect tree.

Christmas tree farm picnicIt was chilly, but the sun came out after a bit and it was fun to let the kids run around through the trees. We did almost lose Reece a few times with his green jacket. 🙂

chopping down christmas tree santa cruz mountains

chopping down christmas tree santa cruz mountainsIt’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions with the family, even though it’s not so much for Doug since he has to do all the work. 🙂

imageEven though Doug wasn’t feeling that well, he was a trooper and hung all the lights out front while we decorated inside.

decorating Christmas treeI love that we have such a great big window for our tree and our house looks so cute and Christmasy now.

On Saturday, we laid low in the morning and then prepped for family pictures and “friendsgiving” that evening. It was a cold day and kind of windy, but we had no idea just how windy until we were out there taking pictures. It was miserable and the kids didn’t last long, but thanks to our very talented photographer–rosanne parket photography–I think we managed to get some good ones. I’m excited to see them and get our Christmas cards out!

After that, we joined our friends for friendsgiving, which may have been even more delicious than the family one, thanks to a BBQed turkey and smokey gravy. I made the sweet potato casserole again, this time just topping it with toasted pecans instead of all the butter, sugar and flour that the recipe calls for because it doesn’t really need it. I also added slightly less sugar and liked it better this time.

My friends passed on the turkey carcass to us so I could make turkey soup, which I love doing. I had a it simmering all day while I went to the Y with the kids and Doug rested, since he’s still not feeling well–the cold weather yesterday did him in. It was nice to enjoy that for dinner tonight and I think it has him feeling better! Check out the recipe and give it a try. If you’re used to making chicken soup with store-bought broth, you’re in for a treat!

I loved all the holiday activity this weekend and I’m so looking forward to all the things we still have coming up, from simple activities like taking a nighttime neighborhood Christmas light walk with Reece to driving through Vasona Lake’s Fantasy of Lights while sipping hot chocolate (or gingerbread lattes!). I’m also looking forward to taking both kids to see Santa, even though I’m sure Emme will be screaming instead of sleeping like she was last year!

Did you do anything merry this weekend?

Are you getting in workouts even with the holiday festivities?

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