A Very Sweet Valentine Anniversary

The big plan for our 10-year anniversary was to stay home, leave the kids with our parents for the night, enjoy a fancy home-cooked meal and SLEEP IN the next day. Maybe you’d expect something more exceptional for 10 years of marriage, but sleeping in truly is exceptional these days.

At the last minute, my in laws let us know they were treating us to a night at the beautiful Hotel Los Gatos and dinner at Dio Deka–a Michelin star awarded Greek restaurant adjoining the hotel. So our anniversary got turned up a notch.

We started the big day by taking the kids to The Sainte Claire Hotel in downtown San Jose, which is where we got married. We braved a fancy lunch with them there at Il Fornaio (who catered our wedding) where we were treated to complementary champagne and a friendly visit from the manager to wish us his congratulations.

eating lunch with kids at Il Fornaio

Emme baby eating lunch at Il Fornaio restaurant

Me and my sweet boy eating lunch at Il Fornaio

If it weren’t for Emme bonking her head on the highchair, we would’ve had zero outbursts. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and our waitress brought the kids bowls of pizza dough and flour to play with, which I’m pretty sure would’ve kept Reece entertained for hours.

playing with pizza dough at Il Fornaio

After lunch, we let the kids run around in the ballroom where our reception was held and snapped a few family selfies since no one was around to take our picture.

kids running in the Sainte Claire hotel ballroom

family selfie at the Sainte Claire hotel

Reece practiced his photography skills taking pictures of me and Doug kissing in the same spot we kissed on our wedding day. About two out of the 10 pictures he took included our heads. 🙂 He was pretty proud to have such an important job, though, and it’s really not bad for a 3-year-old.

Kissing in the courtyard where we got married Sainte Claire Hotel

We then dropped the kids off with my mother-in-law just in time for nap (my dad later picked up Reece after work for a sleepover at his house) and made our way to our hotel.

This was only the second time we had stayed at the Hotel Los Gatos, the first time was when I won a “babymoon” from Fit Pregnancy and The Bump when I was pregnant with Reece. We enjoyed our weekend there so much, but have never been back because it’s hard to spend money on a hotel that is so close to home.

For our little one-night getaway, it was just perfect and we were happy to be back. We felt like we were on vacation from the moment we entered the hotel. The staff is very friendly and professional and the rooms are beautiful and cozy. The rose petals scattered around our room, bottle of champagne, box of chocolates and anniversary card all added to the romantic getaway feeling, making us almost forget that we were not far from home.

champagne and chocolate

Since we couldn’t get reservations at Dio Deka that close to Valentine’s Day (and since eating out at a restaurant isn’t usually as enjoyable as normal on that day), we ordered room service. Again, the service we received was outstanding as they helped set up our meal and made sure we had everything we needed. We were able to enjoy the same amazing food as at the restaurant, but in a much more peaceful and romantic setting. From the grilled octopus (so happy to see this popping up in more restaurants lately as it was our favorite thing to eat in Greece) to their famous lamp chops and loukamades for dessert, everything was just as delicious as it always is there.

The next day, we enjoyed our breakfast in bed after sleeping in. Just like the last time we had a night away, it was my goal to stay in bed as long as possible.

coffee in bed sleeping in

The rest of the day we spent walking around town, enjoying another Greek meal–this time at Opa!, a lower key restaurant–and sitting down at Los Gatos Roasting Company to sip our coffees slowly before returning home to the kids.

We really had a lovely time together, enjoying our mini getaway even if were only a few miles from home. Fortunately, both kids did well with our parents, so we might be splitting them up like that more often to enjoy more nights away (you guys ready for that?!). Having time together without the kids is so important and we’re very lucky to have both family and friends nearby and willing to watch them.

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  • Sounds like a fun day/weekend of celebrating. What a special idea to take the little ones to lunch where you got married. I like Reece’s photography and how Emme is reaching up!! Fun times.

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