A Week of Workouts

Workouts have been a little bit different this week since things are a little hectic with packing for traveling to France (with both kids!) and moving, plus the cardio room at our usual YMCA is closed for maintenance. With some flexibility and a few adjustments to our usual routine, I was able to keep the workouts going.

As I’ve said previously, I like to start the week with a big cardio day, so Sunday was a run day, maxing out my time limit on the machine and doing my best 5-mile yet.

Monday, I headed to our usual Y for a Pilates class (love). I was still sore from Saturday’s workout, so doing so much core work was hard on my booty and abs. I pushed through, though. Gotta love a good burn!

Tuesday we ventured to a different Y so I could get some more cardio in. Fifteen minutes HIIT on the treadmill followed by 30 minutes steady on the elliptical. I was bored out of my mind that last 30 minutes because the elliptical is not my thing (except for the bouncy one–anyone know what that’s called?), but with most other sorts of machines full, I didn’t have much choice. I followed up with some stretching and 5-minute abs.

Wednesday turned into a workout-at-home day since I didn’t have time to head to the gym. During the little bit of time I had thanks to coinciding naps that day, I squeezed in an 8-minute barre and ab video and a 4-minute Tabata workout (both courtesy of The Fitnessista). That was enough to get a good little burn in.

Thursday was an off day due to a dentist and hair appointment.

Friday (today), I headed back to the other Y to get in some more cardio (same deal as Tuesday) and 5-minute abs.

Saturday (tomorrow) could go either way at this point. I’m happy I’ve gotten in five days of workouts this week, but if I get most of our packing out of the way tonight, I’ll have time to squeeze in a strength session tomorrow. If anything, I’ll try to fit in a full-body circuit at home, since that takes less time than heading to the gym.

We’re heading to the South of France next , so workouts over the next two weeks are up in the air. I’ll have a workout buddy, so hopefully together we can manage at least a couple running and strength sessions around our beach and pool time!

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