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I’m Laura–a 30-something mama who strives to be as fit and healthy as can be while figuring out this whole motherhood thing. I started this blog because I enjoy making healthy living a priority, and people frequently ask me about my habits so they can be fit and healthy too.

I believe in making healthy changes for life, not taking on changes that are unsustainable, which is how I shed the newlywed weight 12 years ago and got back in shape after both of my babies. I’m also a Mat Pilates Instructor, certified through Balanced Body. Other than Pilates, I enjoy a variety of workouts, including various forms of cardio (running, stationary bike, stair machine), Tabata, lifting free weights, etc. Quick and effective is key for me, so total body workouts with cardio blasts are my favorite!

I live in Silicon Valley with my husband, Doug, of fourteen years, our two kids and a crazy golden retriever. You can read a little more about them on the family page. I love olives, pickles, coffee, and chocolate, and you’ll never find me participating in any diet that shuns carbs, thanks to my Italian heritage. Eating delicious food, traveling and spending time outside are all super important to my family and I look forward to sharing these things and more with you!

I got the blogging itch when UjENA Swimwear asked me to write a guest post for them in 2013. I wrote that post when I was still losing my baby weight and it’s a good place to start learning a little about me.

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