Are You Athletic?

Twice today I had someone ask me if I was athletic. The first was a new neighbor and I think he was just trying to figure out why I’m in workout clothes all the time. I explained that I am not athletic or into sports, but I do enjoy exercising.

The second was a woman in the membership office at my gym who told me I looked very athletic. I thanked her and again explained that I’ve never been into playing sports, so no, I’m not athletic. She then asked if I was a runner, to which I replied no. It’s just part of my cardio rotation, but I am proud of how far I’ve come with it since I first started up again after having Emme. Interestingly, a man on the treadmill next to me the other day also asked if I was a runner, to which I answered no.

Yes, I run, but no I am not a runner. I know there are people out there who disagree with this. They will say if you run, you’re a runner and to stop telling yourself you’re not. Running does not make me a runner. Writing does not make me a writer. Playing the piano does not make me a musician. There is a difference between those people who are really any of these things and those of us who just dabble or do something casually. None of these things are what I am, just things that I do.

I’m not into running like runners are. I just like it for the good cardio that it is. I only ever started doing it to boost my fitness when I felt I was at a plateau, but it’s something I avoided for awhile because it’s not something I’ve ever enjoyed (how I managed to complete a season of track and cross country in 8th grade is beyond me). It’s definitely a better workout for me than the elliptical ever was, but I still throw the elliptical in the rotation, as well as the stationary bike and stairmaster. I think it’s important to mix it up so that your body doesn’t get used to any one thing.

No, I am not a runner. No, I am not an athlete. I am an exercise enthusiast who enjoys the results of pushing my body hard in a good workout most days of the week.

What’s your take on this? If you run, do you consider yourself a runner? If you exercise a lot, do you consider yourself an athlete?

Post workout picture, workout with kids
Just a cute post-workout pic of me and the kiddos from a few months back. 🙂

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  • I run about twice a week (hard to squeeze in out-of-the-house workouts with all my young children…so typically I’m just doing interval training indoors), but I still consider myself a runner. I’m always surprised by how well my body remembers running, even if I’ve taken a couple of weeks off. It’s interesting to me that I feel stronger now (after five children) than I did before having children. Have you found this to be true?

    I enjoyed your blog!

    • That’s great that you are able to make time to workout at home with all your little ones! It was very hard for me to do that before I was comfortable taking my baby to the gym child care, but I made it work.

      Yes, I definitely feel stronger after having my kids, but that’s because I AM stronger. I workout a lot more now than I did pre-kids (it’s my “Me Time”) and I was in pretty good shape then. I exercise more efficiently now than I did before too.

      Thanks for commenting!

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