Believe Half of What You See, Plus Major Mommy Brain

Reece and I had a little mommy and me date Tuesday night to see the Christmas tree lighting at Santana Row–a nearby, upscale, outdoor shopping center. We were all supposed to go and I was excited to walk there from our house, but then the rain came and we decided it was best to leave Emme home with Doug. It was nice to have a date with my boy.

Take a look at this picture.

Santana Row tree lighting

Cute, huh? You might think our night was nothing but jolly seeing this; just a fun Christmasy good time had by both. Little would you know the drama that that snowman balloon caused. There is no meltdown equal to that of one caused by the popping of a balloon animal. An understandable meltdown, yes, but that balloon died a slow death with THREE separate poppings, which is very cruel to a preschooler brain. That plus the rain and the long, LONG time spent just standing there, made for an evening that was less than what it looks like in this picture. It’s the pictures we post that shape how people see us, but it’s good to remember that those are only half the story. The end of the show, when Santa and The Cat in the Hat made their appearances, saved the evening and Reece went home with happy stories to tell Doug.

On another note, I have been having major mommy brain moments lately. Not sure what’s going on there, but maybe it has something to do with being so close to Emme’s first birthday. A year ago, I was a week past my due date, trying to do everything I could to get her in a better position and encourage her to come out. More reminiscing to come.

Anyway, the first major fail was when I locked myself and the kids out of the house the other day. We have those locks on our doors where you don’t have to unlock them to open it from the inside and so if you close it behind you after you walk out, you’ve just locked yourself out. Unfortunately, none of the other doors were open either and we had no hide-a-key anywhere. I had dinner simmering on the stove inside, Emme had a poopy diaper, it was getting dark, we didn’t have jackets on and Doug wasn’t answering either of his phones (it was about 45 minutes before he usually leaves work).

Reece was the one who kept our spirits up, totally happy playing baseball and such as if we were just outside playing like normal. After about a half hour, Doug (who was having a really crazy day, which meant it was a really bad one to have to cut out abruptly) finally called back and said he would leave in a few minutes. So we were outside for another half hour, which we spent running around the neighborhood (this was Reece’s idea and totally not like him as he is the slowest boy ever, but for some reason this sounded good to him). I felt so terrible for Emme in her poopy diaper, but by the time we rounded the corner back to our house, Doug was home and we could go inside, nice and safe and warm.

The second mommy brain moment happened just a couple days later when I forgot to bring Reece’s shoes with us when we went out. We frequently just take his shoes along and put them on in the car after we arrive where we’re going, but I forgot to actually bring them with us this time. Whoops. We were supposed to get their hair cut and then go to the grocery store and maybe other errands, but we cut out the grocery store because of this and I managed to scrounge up something for dinner from what we had at home (which involved dropping my cooking utensils numerous times and splattering the kitchen with our dinner).

Thirdly, and maybe the worst, was when I left my keys in the front door overnight. I found our house key and car key dangling there the next morning when I stepped out to get our CSA box. I’m wondering if our CSA delivery guy was tempted to knock and let us know. I know they sometimes come at odd hours, so he may not have wanted to. I feel very fortunate that my car was still in the driveway that morning!

I don’t feel that life has been any crazier than normal lately, so I’m not sure what’s up with all these mommy brain moments in the past week. Hopefully the keys in the door was the last of it because I may not be so lucky next time.

Any mommy brain moments for you lately? Do you go through periods of time where you feel like you’re losing your mind more than usual?

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Comments 4

  • No Mummy brain yet, although I feel having hit 30 I feel some things slip my mind more often (so thinking there’s no hope for when I do have children)!!

    I appreciated your perspective on the other half. It’s such a great reminder to when viewing photos and even posting photos myself. Not recently, but I remember I posting a photo of G and I looking all cute and in love when in reality we’re frustrated at each other!!

    Still really like the photo of your little Christmas cutie, even more so now!!

    • I believe what you’re experiencing are called “senior moments.” 🙂

      Seeing these happy pictures also helps us remember the good, I think. I’ll remember having a good time with Reece that night above all else, so that we’ll probably go again next year!

      • I’ve tried, but nobody ever appreciates when I post pictures of my kids screaming!

        My whole life is filled with Mommy brain moments. Luckily lately it’s just been silly things like putting the peanut butter “away” in the sink. Maybe it’ll get better….when the kids are adults.

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