Best Ever Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Casserole and a Year Ago Today

Sweet potatoes are great as is. They are one of my favorite vegetables, especially when roasted in the oven. They get so sweet that way, I don’t put anything at all on them. Not only that, but they are one of the most nutritious foods you can eat.

For Thanksgiving, I like to to make them extra special with a casserole. I’m not a fan of the ones with marshmallow on top, with their unnecessary cloying sweetness, but I love the taste of the sweet potatoes underneath them. I was looking for a good recipe a few years ago and went to my friend Angela since she has a good recipe for everything. She directed me to this one, for a sweet potato casserole topped with pecans¬†and it is the best ever. I even added extra butter by accident the first time and it still came out delicious. But then again, when has extra butter ever been bad?

Make it as is and you will not be disappointed! I’m thinking of replacing the white sugar with raw sugar this year (I actually don’t even have white sugar in my house right now), but I’m a little concerned about the texture being different. Do any of you have any experience baking with raw sugar?


Also on my mind my sweet Emme baby and where she was a year ago today.

42 weeks pregnantThere I am in my 42-week massiveness, just waiting for that girl to come out. That picture was taken on a Sunday evening and I had an appointment with my OBGYN the next day where I knew we would be talking about inducing since she hadn’t made her way yet. I gave that girl every opportunity to come on her own, did everything I could to encourage her, but she was just too cozy in there. When we took this photo, I still had hopes she might come out on her own in the next 24 hours or so, but she didn’t and I did end up being induced at exactly 42 weeks. Looking at this picture really brings back the memories of being huge and uncomfortable and just dying to meet my baby.

Well, Emme baby, you were worth the wait.

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