Camping With Kids in the Sequoias and Kings Canyon National Park

There was a time pre-kids that we used to go camping a few times a year. Since having kids, we hadn’t been brave enough to try camping until now and we were only willing to give it a try with just one of them.

Jumping in front of the General Grant Tree
The General Grant–the third biggest tree in the world

One very enthusiastic 4.5-year-old who loves nothing more than running around outside all day, even if he doesn’t care for walking long distances, admiring big trees or eating marshmallows.

Shooting bow and arrows at the campsite

It was a good first run for a camping trip to Kings Canyon National Park and I think it will be even more fun to go back there when both the kids are a little older.

Climbing rocks near a waterfall

From the canyon itself to the big trees, there is so much beauty here.

Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon itself

Yosemite is the park that get all the love and Kings Canyon doesn’t get the attention it deserves. If you’re looking into national parks to visit, make sure to add this one to the list.

Gorgeous scenery at Kings Canyon

The three biggest trees in the world are located here.

Reece in front of a big tree

This isn’t one of them, but it gives you a sense of how huge the trees are. We did get to see the third biggest one, which is in the background of the jumping picture up top. The other two will have to wait for our future camping trips.

Along with hiking, we enjoyed fishing at a nearby lake. Well, the guys did. I enjoyed sitting on the sidelines reading a book. 🙂 Doug helped Reece reel in his first fish.


He thought that was pretty cool even if he was grossed out by how slimy it was.

Reece's first fish jumping
I love the facial expressions in this pic!

We also walked through Boyden Cavern, which Reece thought was fun to explore, especially since we got to see a few bats.

Boyden Cavern

We found a pretty place to swim, but the water was freezing, so mostly we just hung out taking in the scenery…which Reece found pretty boring, as you can imagine.

Swimming at Kings Canyon Roads End

Even with all the exploring, we spent a decent amount of time at the campsite, which I think was Reece’s favorite part. We brought a bow and arrow along for him, some monster trucks for the dirt and his bike to ride around.

Riding bikes at the campground

For the adults we brought along our Bialetti so we could enjoy afternoon espresso as always.

Espresso while camping
Check out my dirty feet. 🙂

I’m glad we finally went and I think we didn’t have to be so scared of our first camping trip with kids. Waiting to have kids that are potty trained, in big kid beds and good sleepers is a safe bet you’ll have a good time. I know plenty of people go camping before then, but I don’t think it would’ve been quite as enjoyable for us personally if we had.

Standing inside a big tree tunnel
Inside a a huge log

We think we might be ready to take Emme in the spring when she’ll be about 2.5, but we’ll try something a little more low key that doesn’t require as much driving. Hopefully she’ll be done with her screaming phase by then so we don’t disturb the rest of the campground!

I’ll continue to look forward to our future camping trips here, though, because there’s still so much left to see.

Kings Canyon scenery

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Comments 6

  • So beautiful! Looks like you guys had a blast. Love the fish pic 🙂

  • I’m so making not of this place. Sounds and looks amazing! WE haven’t taken our son “true” camping yet. Just glamping then in our friends yard so we’d really like to do a camping trip sometime. We actually haven’t been to Yosemite before but it’s on our must see list!

    • Definitely add this one to your must-see list too! The beauty of Kings Canyon struck me more than Yosemite even though they are both worth seeing.

  • looks so beautiful! I miss California and the beauty that there is there. We haven’t taken my 3 yr old son camping yet, but we are more the sight see, hike, fish then sleep in a real bed type of family;) Glad you guys had a wonderful time. The pictures are amazingly beautiful!

    • The sleeping part wasn’t so bad, it was all the setup and then waking up every time one of us had to go pee in the middle of the night. We all did and I awoke up and stayed awake for awhile each time, which was no fun!

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