Weekend Update, Plus What Car Rides Are Like With Two Kids

I thought I’d include a little does of “real life Monday” in this post, but first a quick rundown of the fun stuff.

We had a fun weekend–it was the end of Doug’s whole week off, so we laid low and hung out with family and friends.

I got baby snuggles with this guy.

Snuggling a newborn

And you already know about our family fun at the park yesterday that included a good workout for me.

Emme playing at the park

Doug riding bikes at the park with the kids
Normally, Doug wears a helmet too, but he was so busy getting the kids all setup that he forgot about his.

Now for the hashtag reallifemonday part, even though this video is from Saturday as we drove about 15 minutes to family’s house. It’s not an unusual scene for us and it’s likely to happen again today too. Taking this little video at least added some humor to the situation!

Does this look familiar to any of you?

Have a Marvelous Monday!

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