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A Snail Birthday Party to Celebrate 7

snail cake

If you’ve watched any of my Instastories lately, you likely have a pretty good idea that my kids love snails right now. They collect all the ones they find around the yard and keep them in a cage, and out of our garden! So it was no surprise when Reece announced he wanted to have a …

Camping in Big Sur With Kids

Beautiful view Big Sur Highway 1

Pre-kids, Doug and I went camping quite a bit. We even bought our huge F-250 partly so we could set up an air mattress in the back and avoid the whole tent situation. We hadn’t been brave enough to try camping with kids until 2014 and even then we only took then 4.5-year-old Reece on …

Celebrating 6 With a Science Party

Making slime at science party for 6-year-old

Last week my big boy turned six and on Sunday, we mixed, fizzed and slimed the afternoon away with a science experiment birthday celebration with a few of his best kindergarten buddies. This was my science-loving boy’s idea and I thought it was sweet that he only wanted his three closest friends from school there. It was …