Celebrations Times Two: Thanksgiving and Emme’s First Birthday Party

What a fun-filled and oh-so-tiring week we’ve had! With both Thanksgiving, Emme’s first birthday and her party in the same week, there have been a lot of get togethers with family. The great-grandparents are in town and it’s been fun seeing everyone so much.

Thanksgiving was held at Doug’s parents house and it was the biggest one we’ve had in awhile, with about 15 of us. It was really nice having everyone together like that. I hardly took any pictures, which is unfortunate, but when my outfit doesn’t have pockets, I don’t carry my phone around as much. Silly, maybe, but all I got were some of Emme and a blurry picture of my always moving boy.

All dressed up for Thanksgiving

always moving boy

Black Friday was a day filled with last minute prep for Emme’s owl-themed party (her crib bedding is owls, so it’s been her thing since the beginning). I started the morning shopping for a few last odds and ends, then it was cupcake making and a cleaning extravaganza. I think the cupcakes came out pretty cute.

owl cupcakes

owl cupcake

The taste was pretty good, but the texture just, eh. I prefer not to use a box mix since most of them have yucky ingredients unless I buy from Whole Foods, but I haven’t gotten the texture right the last two times I’ve made them. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. The frosting tasted really good, but dried out quickly, even the night before the party while I was making it. I guess I’ll try different recipes next time. I don’t bake very often at all, so it could just be a practice makes perfect thing and it will get better with time. Lots and lots of time, since I only bake cupcakes on birthdays!

We invited the whole family and all of Reece’s friends, since they’re Emme’s friends by default too. Their mamas have been around this whole year, providing me with tons of help when needed. It’s nice to have a village.

it takes a village, baby girl first birthday
Sara and Emme

We also invited some of the new neighbors whose kids have become friends with Reece. Some of our close friends without kids came to celebrate too. Things can get crazy with all those kids around, but we try to keep it adult friendly too (provide beer and wine and you’re set!) Things definitely got crowded in our little house, so I was thankful the weather was nice and the kids could run around outside.

For food, we ordered pizzas from Costco, my dad made his famous cheesy spaghetti and my mother-in-law made her signature salad.

Emme wasn’t too into her cupcake–I think she was more confused by everyone staring at her with their cameras. She got way more into the Trader Joe’s one on her birthday, and I don’t blame her with the ganache! I really tried to get her to blow her candle out on her birthday and at her party, but had no luck. She can blow, but only does it when she feels like it and I couldn’t get her to copy me. Big brother Reece was a big help with that!

singing happy birthday, happy first birthday
Singing happy birthday

big brother helping little sister, blowing out candles first birthday

He was also a big help opening presents, since Emme wasn’t too interested yet. She made out like a bandit with tons of new girly toys to keep her busy for years! It will definitely be fun for me having these girly toys around after years of playing with trucks and trains. Reece is enjoying the toys more than she is, I think, and really, Emme is pretty happy with trucks herself! She immediately took a liking to a tiny baby doll from a friend and tonight is her first night sleeping with anything in the crib. I checked on her after she fell asleep and she has her little hand holding on to her baby. It’s very sweet.

baby girl and baby doll
Loving her baby
baby girl toys
Girl toys!
Baby girl toys
More girl toys!

It was a fun day and now I am entirely worn out. We were supposed to do family pictures this weekend, but decided to change it to next weekend, thank goodness! One day of rest before getting back to the regular routine next week is very much needed. Hopefully the colds that we’re all getting will go away quickly and not be too bad.

Now that all the fall festivities are over (yes, my baby is a fall baby, not a winter baby, lol!), it’s time to start the Christmas festivities. Advent calendars and a few decorative items are making appearances on December 1st.  🙂

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