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When someone offers to watch your kids for a few hours, you accept, even if you have nothing planned. That’s what happens today when my good friend, Ellie, said she could watch my kids if I needed to get anything done. Well of course I do–I’ll figure something out.

Actually, though, it’s a really good opportunity to get out of the house and get some writing time in. I have so much on my brain to write about, but so little time to actually sit down and write meaningful things. Especially nowadays with my Pilates certification classes taking up entire weekends, my free hours are becoming very limited. So today’s goal was to just get out of the house and work on these blog posts that have been waiting to be typed out.

So here I am at Starbucks with my grand nonfat latte, typing away.ย And of course, I spent the first hour of my time catching up on Twitter, blogs and other such things. All important, though, if you want to have any Good Reads! Plus, it’s fuel for future blog posts as well as just keeping on top of everything health and fitness related.

Starbucks selfie nonfat latte
Here is a not-so-discreet selfie

I’m decked out in some of my original (but still awesome) Lucy workout gear because I do plan on getting exercise in later today after the kids’ naps since I didn’t get any in this morning. I considered going for a run while Ellie was with the kids, but since I can actually get a workout in while they’re awake, I thought the time would be more productively spent if I used it doing things that are not so easily done while they’re awake.

Speaking of kids, check out this picture that popped up when I opened Photo Booth to take my selfie. I think Reece was about 18 months old. Yeah, I don’t use Photo Booth hardly ever.

Photo 90


This one’s pretty fun too. Probably from around the time we got our first Mac and Photo Booth was still a novelty.

photo booth selfie curly hair
Look at that, I have curly hair! Can’t remember the last time I wore it that way.

Also of note, is that I wasn’t even planning on blogging about this when I came in here, but thought I’d throw it out there since it’s kind of a fun, new thing for me. I feel like one of those real writer types. Or maybe just one of those real bloggers who I always see mentioning that they left their house just to get in a little writing time. Totally get why that’s necessary. Away from my house, my kids, husband and anything else that needs my intention–I’m here solely to write and I have nothing to distract me from it. It’s really fun sitting here for awhile and getting some free samples as I write too. Caramel flan latte is delicious, even though I would never be able to handle that sweetness in anything more than sample size.

I think I see more coffee shop blogging me time in my future.

Do you make a point to get out of the house to blog?

Whatever you do, where do you find you do your best work?

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