Haircuts for Two

Yesterday Reece and I got some very much needed one-on-one time that was triggered because of a dual hair appointment. We both needed cuts and he goes to my hairdresser, so I scheduled us together, bringing him to my appointment.

I was pretty sure it would go smoothly, but what resulted was better than I had hoped with a fun few hours together that we would’ve missed out on had I scheduled a solo appointment.

While he was at preschool, I dropped Emme off with my mother-in-law for the day, headed back to the house for a quick cleanup and then picked up Reece a little early so we could make it to our hair appointments (except that we were still late). On the way there, we picked up his favorite takeout from Panda Express–beef with broccoli and chow mein–which kicked off our time together on a very positive note.

Once at the salon (shout out to Amy at Los Gatos Beauty Bar!), I settled Reece in with the iPad and a few toys while I got my color done. He sat there quietly like a champ in the waiting area, choosing toys over iPad for a little while, frequently smiling over at us and waving.

After the color was applied, it was his turn for a cut.

My 4-year-old getting a haircut

Reece always makes the cutest expressions when getting his hair cut, but I rarely get a good photo, so this time I took a little video to better capture it. Love this boy!

Here is his “before” photo:

My 4-year-old taking the trash out
Taking out the trash the other night

and here he is watching Toy Story and finishing his lunch while Amy finished up with my hair:

Watching an iPad movie and eating Chinese food

When we were both done, we took a walk around town to find some coffee. Because you can’t go to Los Gatos without getting coffee! We chose a place that sells macaroons–salted caramel for me, raspberry for Reece.

We then took time to look through a few stores, including the Toy Soldier Company where they had a train on display.

Reece wearing a backpack and rain boots

Love him with his backpack and rain boots!

Watching a toy train

We also did a little shoe shopping for both of us. It’s been forever since I found a pair of shoes that really called to me and I love the ones I bought. I’ll save the picture for when I’m wearing them with an outfit, but you can click here to see. I can’t find the color I got mine in online, though, which is a bummer because they are beautiful!

Reece fell in love with a pair of shoes and even though there was another pair I liked better for him, it was cute to see how much he liked them. Bonus points for being on sale.

As we walked back to the car, we swung through the Apple store since he thought it looked cool and checked out the iPads and iPhones.

Then we headed out to pick up Emme and arrived home to find this in front of our house.

Kids hanging on the dumpster
You can see Reece’s new shoes

Let the backyard demolition begin!

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Comments 8

  • Have to share- I read this with Ryan on my lap. When I clicked on the shoes he yelled at me, “Don’t want to see that! Want too see Reece! Want to see Reece pushing garbage can!”

  • Looks like a nice time with your son! Glad it was a good time and you were able to get your hair done! Looking forward to when my 3 yr will be that patient;)

  • It looks like he was good while you were getting your hair done and I know that can be torture for a kid to wait that long…shoot, I’m impatient when I’m getting my own hair done. lol

  • We do the exact same thing for my hair appointments! iPad, games, toys and treat after 🙂 I wish he would let me style his hair cute like Reese’s though. Ayden always wants it combed down and it’s so stick straight that it looks funky 🙁

    • Ha! I guess that’s the magic formula. This was the first time Reece didn’t let her spike it at the end and I was super bummed because he looks so cute like that. I have to remember to style it to the side or else it looks weird all going straight forward, so I get it!

  • These photos make me smile. I like how you make a hair appointment special.

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