Easter Picture Post

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter yesterday and that your weather was better than ours. Saturday was beautiful, but Sunday the temperature dropped 15 degrees and we got even more rain. So. Over. It. I still wore my new spring dress and earrings from Stitch Fix (just threw a jean jacket on top) and we had a very nice Easter. I’ve got the photo dump to prove it!

Me and the kids at church

The Easter Bunny did something a little different at our house this year. I’ve really really been wanting the kids to have a playhouse in our garden and Costco is selling the cutest one right now (cheaper at Costco than on Amazon. Amazon does have a bunch of cute ones too, though). Instead of getting the kids Easter baskets, the kids got chocolate Easter bunnies and a trail of plastic eggs led them through the backyard to their new playhouse.

Emme and Reece laughing in front of their new playhouse
It was so much fun to see their excitement about the playhouse! They were so surprised that the Easter Bunny brought a big gift, and played in it every chance they got today. I hope they love it for many years to come!

Costco playhouse with dog, Doug, kids
Doug has also been please with Stitch Fix for men!

Chocolate bunnies for breakfast!

Reece and his chocolate bunny

After some playtime, we headed to church. The kids had fun at kid church and enjoyed the donut holes after!

Doug and Emme at Church

Then we went to brunch with my in laws at Steamer’s in Los Gatos.

Emme coloring her menu

The kids picked boring pasta with butter for their meals, but at least they enjoyed a few of the appetizer mussels! I had a Bloody Mary (brunch necessity), a delicious seared ahi salad with a glass of Testarossa chardonnay and blackberry cabernet sorbet for dessert.

We also celebrated both Doug’s and my mother-in-law’s birthdays that passed recently.

GramGram and Reece opening her gift Gramps and Emme

Grandparents and kids

After some downtime at home, my dad and sister came over with Easter baskets for the kids. While dinner was in the oven, we had our traditional egg fights.

Egg fight with Papa

This is a Greek tradition passed down from my mom‘s side of the family–two people bang their eggs together and the winner is the one whose egg doesn’t break.

Aunt Lisa and Emme egg fighting Emme and Me egg fighting

Now they’re all cracked and ready for me to make either an avocado egg salad (similar to Gina’s avocado chicken salad) or guacamole deviled eggs. Can’t decide!

Emme's Easter Dress, Capri, wine

For dinner, I made a leg of lamb seasoned just like these rosemary garlic lamb chops, sweet potatoes, asparagus and arugula salad. It was the perfect Easter/springtime dinner–if only it hadn’t been so cold and rainy out!

Tomorrow is back to school for Reece after spring break and I feel like I’m not quite ready to jump back in to our usual routine. Doug and I had just gotten back from a getaway to Monterey on Saturday and Easter kind of snuck up on us this year. Even though we had a lot going on at once (planning the trip, planning the playhouse surprise and putting it together, picking up food for an easy celebratory dinner), everything turned out well and it was a fun weekend.

Here’s hoping I remember how to function for a normal weekday since there’s school to get Reece to on time and I teach Pilates tomorrow!

I’ve posted a ton on InstaStories over the last few days, so follow me on Instagram for snippets from our day as well as regular photo updates.

How do you use up your Easter eggs? No one in this house is a fan of hardboiled eggs on their own, so I have to make them into something.

Do you do egg fights or have any other Easter traditions?

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