Emme is One! Things I Want to Remember

I’m exhausted, coming down with my second cold this month and laying down with pillows and blankets sounds glorious. But I want to remember my sweet Emme girl and need to write about her. I haven’t yet filled in her baby book for one year like I’ve been meaning to, but my mind is overflowing with everything I want to remember about her first year, so I’ll get some of it down now before crashing.

Emme baby, you have brought so much joy to our lives. You’ve been such a happy baby, starting with your sweet smile, which you showed us so much earlier than they say it’s supposed to happen (it wasn’t just a mommy thing–friends noticed it too!). Oh, you’ve definitely had your moments. Days when you just wanted to cling to me. Many times when you just did not want to go to sleep. Nights where you didn’t let me get any sleep. Fussy times when I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. But those are just baby things and overall, you have a happy disposition.

2-week-old smiles, baby girl smiles
Early smiles at two weeks
baby girl smiles
Sweet baby smiles at about 6 weeks

Happy baby girl animal print pants

Smiley girl today

You are such a darling little girl. You have the best hair that is so fun to put up in ponytails and bows. You have sweet chunky legs and you are just all smiles and sweetness.

baby legs and baby ponytail
Cuteness all around
baby girl ruffle butts and sweetness
Ruffles and sweetness

You are a snuggly one. You give hugs and lean your head into us, and it’s wonderful. You are still nursing, so I get sweet snuggles a lot. I’m trying to wean you a bit, so they’re not as often, but I love when your eyes lock with mine when you’re nursing. I tickle your toes and they smile at me. I’m not too eager to wean you completely because of this.

baby girls love their daddies
Snuggles with daddy
baby eyes while nursing
Sweet baby eyes
breast feeding baby girl
Nursing my girl

I love how you blow kisses to say bye bye. I don’t remember when you started doing this–maybe in the last month or two–but it’s very sweet. You kiss a lot of your toys too, mostly anything that has a face, but sometimes random things like the couch.

birthday girl, baby's first birthday, birthday tutu
Birthday girl

You have some words and I love hearing your little voice say “mama” or “dog.” You sometimes say “night night” or “bye bye,” but mostly you just blow kisses for those things now. Sometimes you try to say thank you, which is fun.

baby girl on carousel with tutu

You love your brother so much and want to play with him, but can’t quite do that yet. He thinks you are cute and funny and loves your squishy belly. It annoys him very much when you take toys that he is playing with. He really wants to play with you too, but will have to wait a little longer until you are ready to do that. I think it’s very sweet that he calls you “Em Bem” and “Emme girl” just like we do. When we hear him wake up in the morning or from nap, I say “where is brother?” and you excitedly walk down the hallway and push open the door. He can hear you coming and he makes excited noises and exclaims with delight when you walk in. You used to do this when you were crawling too. I’m looking forward to seeing how your relationship develops over the years to come.

sibling love, brother sister love
Brother-sister love

We are still working on sleeping. You like to wake up once or twice a night and I’m trying to wean you from this, which you are not happy about. You tend to wake up very early, sometimes before 6. If you wake up sometime before 5:30, it’s not guaranteed that I’ll be able to nurse you back to sleep. Mommy is tired!

We are so lucky that we get to be your parents and are so blessed to have you. I’ve always wanted a little girl just like you and having you around is even more fun than I thought it would be. Love you, Emme girl.

baby girl first birthday tutu
Happy birthday, Emme girl
baby blowing out candles first birthday
Blowing out candles on her birthday, November 27

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