Emme is Three!

I wasn’t sure when I would be in the mood to settle down and write Emme’s birthday post since I’m so out of my blogging rhythm these days, but today on her birthday, about 1.5 hours before she was born, I have all the feelings (written on Friday, her actual birthday).

I never wrote out Emme’s birth story like I did Reece’s (although it remains unpublished), so here it is in brief. I’ve mentioned here a few times that Emme came a full two weeks late, but that worked out well since now both of my kids have the 27th as their birth date–easy to remember!

Eagerly awaiting her arrival, we showed up at the hospital at 7am to be induced, stopping for coffee on the way, of course. It took her 15 more hours to make her way into the world, but that was half the amount of time as brother, so I was happy. The last few hours were long and incredibly boring with the epidural, just waiting for when they would finally give me the ok to push. Once I got that, she took some convincing to come out, thanks to her being turned a bit, requiring me to work harder. She entered this world a true bundle of joy and she melted onto my body as we enjoyed skin-to-skin and I nursed her with ease.


Her easy and happy personality stuck around for about a year. Although we had realized she was a determined one as a baby with how quickly she reached milestones, now at three, her intense personality with contrary tendencies is showing more than ever. She seriously says negative things that she doesn’t even mean just for the fun of it. Example: Did you have a fun birthday? No, it was awful. :/

Even so, I’m still trying to figure out who this little person is. Underneath the sillies, the disagreeableness and the screams (still the screaming!), who is she under there?

If it could sum her up in pictures, these are the ones I’d choose:

Emme tutu ladybug boots
This picture is EVERYTHING!.
Serious Emme
No, I’m not going to smile at you, just stand here and stare.
Emme playing
Playful and happy
Contrary Emme
Pouty and contrary. Can’t you just see her with this same face when she’s a teenager??

This girl is a silly goose if there ever was one and I have plenty of pictures to prove it. Her little scrunched up face gets me every time and she’s a crack up with how much she loves to be tickled.

Silly Emme

She’s a natural-born leader and loves to direct. She knows exactly how she wants to play and will make that clear to whoever she’s with. However, even with her extensive vocabulary, she does not know how to communicate her wishes very well and one misinterpretation over something she’s spoken will send her into an indefinite screaming fit.

Despite both of the above, she is surprisingly quite shy, turning away from people and hiding behind me with frequency. She wouldn’t even look at us when we sang her happy birthday nor did she blow out her candles because she doesn’t like all eyes on her (if you know me, you’ll know exactly where she got that from)

Shy Emme
Don’t look at me!

She is also quite physical. Head butting, jumping on people, she is hands on and rough. She’s not at all afraid to get dirty and I think this adventurous part of her personality is why she excels so much in areas involving gross motor skills, like climbing and riding her balance bike.


She’s also quite girly and loves mermaids, princesses, ballet, you name it! She loves pretty clothes and they certainly don’t slow her down with the above mentioned activities.

IMG_3032 (1)

We are looking forward to seeing how Emme’s strong personality plays out as she grows. I’m sure some of the qualities that make parenting challenging will be beneficial to her in the future even if it’s hard to imagine right now. Except for screaming. I don’t imagine that will ever be a good quality. 🙂

We love you, Emme baby and happy third birthday!

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