Fall Produce Recipe Roundup

Ok, you guys, I know I just shared a bunch of squash recipes with you, but we’ve seriously been squashing it up over here and I have more I want to share. These ones aren’t my own, but there are some really good ones in there and I wanted to make sure you had them in case you need some more ideas for all this fall produce goodness. From simply roasting it to turning it into soup, it’s hard to go wrong with squash. I’ll link all these directly from my food page too.

First, we’ve fallen in love with delicata squash. Bonus: I found out you don’t have the peel them–the skin is edible, which is awesome. Wish I had realized that with the first ones I tried, since that’s my least favorite thing about cooking with squash. I’ve been making everything from delicata squash salads, to more stuffed delicata squash to deliciously roasted delicata squash with some maple syrup (OMG, this one is amazing! Deceivingly simple and amazingly good. I need to cook up about 5 squash this way and just eat them for snack). All have been awesome and I’ll be making them again!

stuffed delicata squash with sausage and kale
Stuffed delicata squash

Pumpkin has also been on the menu more with a braised chicken, kale and pumpkin entree and curry apple pumpkin soup (hint: use an immersion blender instead of a regular one. Saves so much time and mess! Also, I didn’t even have curry powder–just used tumeric). Yum! Next up, pumpkin cookies!

Curried pumpkin apple soup topped with Greek yogurt and pumpkin seeds
Curried pumpkin apple soup topped with Greek yogurt and pumpkin seeds

Not a squash, but I’m also revisiting this persimmon salad recipe that I first tried a couple years ago. Until they showed up in my Farm Fresh to You box, I had never even had a persimmon. They are really delicious in this recipe. Frequently, I skip the beets and the hazelnuts and just make a simple white wine vinegar dressing (whisk together olive oil, white wine vinegar, S&P) and top with walnuts. Either arugula or spinach works well for the green.

Hope you enjoy these! I’d love to hear what you’re doing with your fall produce.

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  • I’ll have to try the delicata squash. I made a curried butternut squash and apple soup over the weekend. Probably similar to your soup. Topped with crème fraîche and candied pecans, delicious!!

    I’m on the lookout for more soup recipes.

    I bought a sweet pumpkin to try your earlier brussel sprouts and pumpkin recipe.

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