Father’s Day Weekend Picture Post

A weekend with lots of photo opps calls for a weekend picture post. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but I had a reader request for these types of posts again, and this is a good weekend to start with.

Mini Getaway – Oakland

The weekend began with a long overdue mini getaway. Ellie and I have been trying to plan a real getaway for some time, but none of our free weekends matched up. We had one night this weekend to do something, so she whisked me away to her place in Oakland for some fun. She even kicked her hubby out to a friend’s house for the night. 🙂

There were food trucks and festivities at Jack London Square Friday night, so we hung out there for a bit.

Curly Fries with Chipotle Mayo and Shrimp
Curly fries topped with grilled shrimp and chipotle mayo–yum!

Jack's Night Market June

There was a painting setup from Art is Mobil that anyone could paint on, so we decided to try that. Painting sounded fun, but plenty of the participants were actually quite good, making me feel a little silly for painting my basic hearts to support the love theme. But hey, it said ANYBODY can paint, so I did. 🙂 It was fun to participate even with my lack of skills. You can check them out on Facebook to see the final products from various events.

Art is Mobil anybody can paint Art is Mobil anybody can paint

Back at Ellie’s place, we enjoyed wine, chocolate and good conversation out in the hot tub before calling it a night.

hot tub robes

Mini Getaway – San Francisco

I almost wasn’t able to sleep in on Saturday–I initially woke up right at the time Reece and Emme usually do–but fortunately I was able to fall back asleep for awhile longer.

We started our day with coffee and croissants and then caught the ferry to San Francisco for the day.

oakland bay

san francisco ferry

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. The upper-60s temperature was the perfect weather for the city and enjoying its beauty.

golden gate bridge backdrop

We planned our day around where we wanted to eat and walked everywhere in between. According to our iPhones, we ended up logging nearly 13 miles and 25,000 steps! Not only were our feet feeling it, but my shoulders felt bruised on Sunday because of the weight of my bag.

We walked along the water to sightsee, then headed to our lunch destination in the Marina.

lunch at blue barn

We wandered around a bit and decided on Blue Barn for some beautiful salads and a glass of wine.

blue barn salad and wine

We walked off our lunch, heading over to b. patisserie for coffee and dessert.

b. patisserie coffee and dessert

Feeling full, we had another good walk over to the Fillmore District where we shopped and browsed bookstores (ok, we did the latter in each area we were in–so many cute independent shops!).

We kept walking down Fillmore St and walked right into the Juneteenth Festival. We really stood out as the minority, which felt a bit awkward, but it was an experience and I’m glad to know more about that.

After we paused to look at the map to decide our next destination (Union Square), we were about to head the wrong way until a nice man helped us get back on track. He questioned if we were sure we wanted to walk it. We thought it was because of the distance and let him know we were enjoying our walk. I wish he had pushed a little harder that we not.

A long ways into our walk, the vibe started to get a little sketchy and we were having to walk through some, let’s just say unsavory looking groups of people. One look up at the signage overhead and we realized we were walking right through the edge of the Tenderloin, which has the reputation of being San Francisco’s worst neighborhood.

If you don’t know about this area, this article provides a good look at it. Thank goodness we only walked along the outskirts, on a street busy with cars, which made me feel slightly better because, lots of witnesses…

It was quite a nerve-wracking (fast-paced) walk those few blocks. I could breath a lot easier once we saw Nordstrom in sight. That’s the funny thing–the Tenderloin is bookended by a good shopping area and the civic center area. I hear they have good pho and curry there, though, so maybe worth a trip back according to that article??

From there we had a short walk over to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. There we took the elevator up to the 21st floor to the Starlight Room, which I highly recommend for a great view of the city. A few drinks and laughs about our walk through San Francisco’s worst neighborhood were just what we needed.

wine at the starlight roomThen it was back to the ferry for the ride to Oakland under the full moon with the twinkling Bay Bridge. Ellie drove me back home to Silicon Valley after we met up with her husband for a late dinner in Jack London Square.

full moon bay bridge

Doug had a fun day with the kids at Happy Hollow while I was walking all over San Francisco with Ellie. I got to see cute pictures like these from him throughout the day, which made me smile.

happy hollow ride ice cream with dad

Father’s Day Fun

Unfortunately, Emme was starting to come down with a cold and her throat was hurting, so I didn’t make it to my favorite cycling class Sunday morning. We decided she could rest just as well at the beach as at home (because really, she’s no good at resting), so Doug met us in Capitola after he enjoyed a Father’s Day mountain bike ride.

On Mother’s Day, I wish to sleep in. On Father’s Day, he wishes to wake up early and get a bike ride in.

It was another beautiful day–80 degrees at the beach, which is perfect since it can be cool and overcast there.

beach exploring

We played in the sand, explored the kelp and climbed rocks.

building sand castles
Making faces since I tried to take his picture
decorating sand castles
Beautifying her sand castle with her treasures

exploring kelp

I even got Emme down for a much needed nap. Poor thing didn’t want to eat or drink much today because of her sore throat, but I think the ice cream helped a little.

beach nap

We ended the day with a nice dinner at Paradise Grill. With Emme being sick, all she wanted was soup and Reece followed suit with his order. I’m glad they love soup so much because I’d much rather they eat that than most of the junk food that is on kids menus. They’re not always up for it at a restaurant when they could be having french fries, though.

I’m glad we were able to make the most of the sunshine and that our own dads didn’t mind us doing our separate thing this year. The beach weather was just too good to pass up! Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!

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