Feeling Stylish in New Glasses From Firmoo

Firmoo provided me with a new pair of glasses to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

I’m a contacts sort of girl. I’ve had a pair of glasses that I purchased in 2004 and reserved them for rare occasions when I either had an eye infection or ran out of contacts. They are definitely not in style anymore and it’s been years since I’ve worn them.

Enter the pink eye epidemic in the Baker commune, as we’ve been calling our current living situation (we’ve been living with my in laws the last two months due to the home renovation). It started with Emme and began making its rounds through the rest of the family. I knew there was a good chance it was coming my way next and guess what? NO CONTACTS OR MAKEUP while you have pink eye. No bueno.

Fortunately, online global optical store Firmoo reached out to me just before this epidemic and I was eagerly awaiting my stylish new pair of glasses so I’d be prepared. They have a wide variety of glasses to choose from at a bargain price point and it was fun to upload a picture of myself to see how each pair would look.Firmoo_Review_Screenshot3

Each pair of glasses has a detailed description as well as reviews and pictures added by people who have ordered them.


It was easy to enter my prescription and I had Doug help me measure my pupil distance to ensure a proper fit. After ordering, I needed to reach out to customer service because I entered my address wrong thanks to our living situation confusing my brain. They responded promptly and let me know that any order can be changed within 24 hours. Good to know!

I was thrilled when my glasses arrived and pleased with how they look.

Love my Firmoo Glasses

Check out the fun side detail.

Firmoo Glasses Side Detail

I’ve been lucky enough to remain pink eye free so far, but if it does come my way, I won’t have any reservations about wearing my stylish new glasses out and about. I might even consider being a glasses girl some of the time now.

New Firmoo GlassesFor new customers, Firmoo is offering Fit Mama Love readers 50% off! Click over to Firmoo to take advantage of this great deal!


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