Fun with My New Camera + Monster Jam Winner!

For our anniversary this year (13 years tomorrow!), Doug and I purchased a new camera: the Sony a5100.

Sony A5100

My First Pictures with the Sony a5100

We decided on the Sony a5100 because it’s mirrorless, so more compact than a DSLR, it has great reviews, and we also have a couple friends who really enjoy theirs. After some research, we purchased the body and lens separately, since everything I’d read said the lens is the most important thing and to buy a better one than it comes with if you can. I decided on this prime lens because it was recommended in a few places and takes good low-light photos. I’m really happy with it so far. The next one I’ll want is probably a telephoto one so I can get good, clean photos of the kids in their performances, but one thing at a time here!

Big smile for Reece

I still don’t know much about how to use it, but even so, I’ve gotten some great shots of the kids.

Emme Close Up Big Smiles

I love that with my minimal knowledge I’m still able to get such good images.

Emme and her falafel Emme Closeup

What prompted us to get a nice camera was 1) I wanted to be able to take my own quality pictures of the kids and 2) we have some nice pictures taken with our iPhones that would look great up on our walls, but we can’t print them as big as we’d like because the quality isn’t good enough.

With the way these first pictures with the Sony a5100 are coming out, I think we’ll have some good photos for the wall in no time.

Emme smiling at the farmers market

Happy Reece

Follow me on Instagram to enjoy more pictures! One thing I love about this camera is that I can transfer the photos wirelessly directly to my phone, which is super convenient. Be on the lookout for pictures from Monster Jam in Oakland this weekend!

Monster Jam Winner

And on that note, the winner of the Monster Jam tickets is Debbie B! The winner has been emailed. You can still use discount code MOM to save $5 on tickets here.

Stay tuned for a post this week with a chance to win four tickets to Disney on Ice in San Jose!

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