A Foodie Weekend in Oakland

A full and fun weekend, kids in bed a bit early last night and as I wrote this, I was feeling ready to take on Monday even though it wasn’t morning yet. I could already taste the morning coffee and was full of feel-good vibes for the day.

It was a good thing too because Reece woke up early thanks to a bad ear ache, so there has been lots of snuggling around here, hence the later than usual blog post. There was no time to review my post with sweet snuggles to be had!

We had a fun weekend, though, and I wanted to fill you in, so thankfully there’s nap time to finish this up. Although, with the construction guys banging right on the kids wall, we’ll see how long that lasts. Thank goodness for white noise in their room, at least!

Even though it was Doug’s Friday to work (he has every other Friday off), we had some Friday fun by driving up to his work for our afternoon coffee date. We then came home for some front yard golf while we waited for the plumber to fix the water pipe our contractors had nailed a hole in.


Reece requested a movie night, so we watched Beauty and the Beast for the second time that week. That’s my favorite Disney movie and I was super excited to rent it from Netflix and watch it with the kids, and so glad that they enjoyed it.

Saturday was where most of the fun was at this weekend. When our friends Ellie and Guillaume (who you may remember from this post and this one about traveling to France) invited us up to Oakland for some exploring followed by dinner at their place, which Ellie described as ham and potatoes that you pour melted cheese over (!!!), how could we say no?? Also, just because we like hanging out with them. 🙂


There is a fantastic food and coffee scene up there and we definitely took advantage of it. Mostly in coffee form!

When we first arrived at their apartment, they treated us to donuts from their favorite place, Dougnut Dolly, which fills donuts to order. I enjoyed a jelly one (filled with made-in-house jam) and a few bites of Emme’s vanilla cream, which was also delicious


We then headed to the Rockridge area, where we drooled over food at a gourmet grocery and admired the separate butcher shop and bakery. We strolled until the kids were “hangry,” then enjoyed lunch at Barney’s Gourmet Hamburger. I skipped the bun and ordered a Greek salad topped with a perfectly medium rare burger so that I could save room for the fries–truffle oil, sweet potato, curly and regular. They are my weakness!

We walked off lunch, heading to Cole Coffee, which is where Doug’s cycling team sometimes meets up for a ride. That is some good, but strong coffee! I ordered an espresso macchiato, but was wishing for a cappuccino to cut the intensity. Of course, to Doug’s tastebuds it was perfect.

Walking the town a little more, we came across a bottle shop where they happened to be doing champagne tasting. After purchasing a few things there, it was time to head to the ice cream shop, which the kids had been asking about since lunch, even though none of us had much room for it.


Smitten Ice Cream is not just any old ice cream shop, though, so we found some room in our bellies for child-size scoops. They freeze the ice cream to order using liquid nitrogen.


The kids enjoyed watching  that process and the adults enjoyed the fresh flavors of the ice cream. Think mint chocolate chip that actually tastes like mint leaves. They change out the flavors every month, so I’ve already decided we need to make this a once a month trip. 🙂

With full bellies still, we headed back to the gourmet grocery store to make the necessary purchases for our indulgent dinner, not sure when we would ever make room for it.


Some more walking was called for, so we headed over to Jack London Square to checkout the sunset, picking up more coffee along the way at Bicycle Coffee Co (our 4th coffee of the day–this time decaf).

Bicycle Coffee Oakland
The best family photo we could get!
Toddler kisses
Kisses while waiting for coffee!

We played by the water for a bit and the sunset did not disappoint.

Sunset at Jack London Square, Me and Ellie






After some downtime back at Ellie and G’s apartment (drinks in hand) we decided there’s always room for cheese and started the preparation for our meal.

Holy delicious cheese.


Basically, you have a variety of meats, potato, pickles and pearl onions that you cut up on your plate while the Raclette cheese melts in that contraption and once it’s nice and bubbly, you pour it on top of everything. It goes without saying that it was delicious!


After a fun-filled day, we arrived back to our house to find much progress on our construction.

Framing of addition

All the rooms were framed, so for the first time we could walk through and get a feel for what it will be like when it’s finished. That’s our walk-in closet you’re looking into right there and just past that is our master. Now we’re even more excited about it!

Sunday was back to normal, with workouts in the morning for both of us, then lunch, coffee and lounging at home. We also started clearing out some areas of the house that will be affected by demolition somewhat soon.

What’s the most coffee you’ve ever consumed in one day?

Have you ever tried Raclette?

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