Free to Be Dirty

Beach trips, pool days and sweaty park play topped with sticky sunscreen all mean one thing: loads more summer laundry.

Kids playing in the sand at the beach
They look so calm and clean here, which changed quickly once we headed into the water!

Seriously, you should have seen the mess my kids were after a beach day plus regular, dirty outdoor play today–and I loved it.

Dirty, stinky kids means they played hard and loved it, which is what childhood is all about. So even if it means my laundry pile is higher than normal, I’ll take it.

Thank goodness for laundry detergent that allows my kids to be free to be dirty.

all free clear products

all Free Clear laundry detergent combines the power of OXI with a formula that’s free of synthetic scents and harsh dyes, meaning it’s gentle enough for my family. I admit, it’s difficult for me to give up the traditional scent of fresh-from-the-wash laundry, but I know I’m getting a safer deep clean with these products.

For those of you who have family members with sensitive skin conditions or eczema, you’ll be happy to hear that all Free Clear detergent (liquid and mighty pacs), fabric softener and dryer sheets have received the National Eczema Association (NEA) Seal of Acceptance™.

Since my hands are almost always full and I’m rushing around doing other things while trying to get a load of laundry started, I love how convenient the mighty pacs are. Just use one hand to plop a pac in the washer and I’m good to go.

So go on, encourage your kids to play hard outside and get dirty this summer, knowing that all Free Clear can handle the mess. Your little ones will be sleeping safe at night in sheets that got a good deep clean without the synthetic scent to prove it.

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