Friday Faves

Good morning! Happy Friday! Hope you all had a better week than we did over here. Thankfully, we’re taking a turn for the better and will hopefully stay healthy for awhile.

Its no surprise that a lot of my faves this week have to do with being sick.

1. Probiotics

Since we’ve been sick and sometimes on antibiotics, sometimes with upset tummies, probiotics have become part of our routine lately. Reece has been drinking Kefir, which is fun for him as a special drink. I just wish they didn’t have so much added sugar.

I have a pack of these Jarrow Formulas probiotic capsules, which I think I’ll continue to take regularly in hopes that it boosts my immune system to try and keep these awful colds away.


I like them because I don’t have to keep them in the fridge and they’re high quality. They’re also vegetarian, gluten free, peanut and egg free if any of those are important to you.

2. Awesome names for Pho restaurants 

As a pho lover, I found this list pretty hilarious. Pho is amazing when you’re sick!

3. Scarves

Not sure why it took me so long to get on the scarf trend, but I love them. It’s very typical of me to just throw on jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt and call myself dressed, but add a scarf and suddenly it’s an outfit. Awesome.

fashion scarf

This one is so cute and comes in lots of different colors.

4. Tazo Lotus Tea

This is my favorite tea. I love drinking a cup before bed when I’m sick, with a little drop of honey.

tazo lotus tea

5. Friends and family who love and watch my kids

I know I’ve said it before on here, but I’m so thankful we are surrounded by family and friends who will watch our kids when we need a break. From my dad watching them while they were still sick last Friday, to Ellie watching them for a few hours so I could rest on Tuesday, to my in laws watching them once a week, I’m very thankful for our little village. It’s important for us as parents to get breaks and it’s also important for my kids to be surrounded by people who love them.

What are your favorites when you’re sick? Any favorites for the past week?

Have a great weekend!

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