Friday Faves, 3/21/14

Happy second day of spring! While the season change is fairly meaningless here since we’ve had a very spring-like winter, I hope it means the rest of you will be thawing out soon!

toddler bike and water gun
Bike riding and water gun squirting

Also, I’ll probably be doing Friday Faves posts less regularly, because I want to put my time towards more meaningful writing. Filling my blog up with quickie posts like these may be less time consuming, but it’s still taking time away from other topics I’ve been wanting to write about.

My favorites for this week are pretty straight-forward.

1. YOU

Seriously. Thanks so much for coming here and reading my ramblings. I hope I’ve been able to encourage and inspire you in your fitness goals. I love how more of you have been joining in on discussions lately. I’m so happy that Dang Foods sponsored the toasted coconut chips giveaway so that I can thank you all for being awesome. 🙂 Five more days to enter!

2. My Facebook Page

Check out Fit Mama Love’s brand new Facebook page and “Like” it to keep in touch. I’ve been active on Twitter for awhile, but Facebook is a better way to connect with you guys. I’ll bring you little snippets from my day, pictures and post updates. Not to mention you get extra entries in giveaways if you’re a fan!

That’s all, folks! Have a great weekend!

Leave a comment to share your favorites this week. 

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