Friday Faves, 3/7/14

Good morning and happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to getting outside today and enjoying the sunshine!

Some faves for the week:

1. Hiking with my kids

Since I didn’t workout Wednesday morning because of my evening Pilates class, I decided to take the kids over to a favorite trail of mine. My only goal was to let them both have fun exploring the trail at their own pace. No rushing or intention to complete the whole loop (although we did, which was a nice surprise).

kids hiking

Emme toddler hiking

reece hiking trail

It took us two hours to hike what would normally take maybe 30-45 minutes. Reece walked the whole trail by himself and we made a few stops to throw rocks in the creek and find some good sticks.

feet in water

I packed us a lunch, which I used as motivation for him to make it up the big climb to the top of the hike. At the top, we enjoyed our lunch on a bench and the kids ran around in the meadow.

picnic lunch hiking

It was a beautiful morning that reminded me why I wanted to stay home with my kids in the first place. Who needs preschool when you’re adventuring? We really need to do more of this.

hiking with kids

2. My first Pilates class

A pretty obvious one, but still, it was definitely the highlight of my week and worth mentioning again.

3. Caramelized Shallots

When my CSA sent me a whole ton of shallots, I went to Instagram to ask for suggestions on what to do with them. Someone suggested caramelized shallots and although I didn’t use the recipe they linked to, that is exactly how I used all mine up (after tossing some of them into practically everything I cooked).

I sliced them up (nearly a whole pound) and cooked them on the stove in a lot of butter until they were nice and soft and browned. We ate them up on top of sriracha hamburger salads and it was the yummiest addition.

Caramelized shallot sriracha hamburger salad

What are you favorites this week?

Happy weekend!

I’ll be back with a special post tomorrow in celebration of International Women’s Day with Sprouts n Squats and other bloggers.

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