Friday Faves

I’ve joined the blogging community who do these sort of posts. Mine will be semi-regular with all the things I’ve been enjoying the past week, not limited to products.

There’s a lot to love about this week, since it was Christmas and all, but here’s a few things that really stood out.

Unexpected visits from a faraway forever friend

faraway forever friends
Blurry 🙁

We’ve been friends since we were six, even though we only attended the same school for one year before I moved away. Some friendships are just meant to be. She and her husband and dogs had to unexpectedly drive across the country and swung by my way for a couple hours on the way to their final destination. We cooked dinner for them, enjoyed some cappuccino and chocolate and sent them on their way with a bag full of Trader Joe’s goodies. It was an excellent little visit and I’m so glad we made it work.

Emme’s Christmas dress

How adorable is this dress?

Christmas dress vineyard

I loved it so much on her, she wore it for Santa pictures, Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. It might make an appearance on Valentine’s Day too!

christmas dress church

christmas dress vineyard

Fit Christmas

I got a bunch of new workout gear for Christmas that I am loving. I haven’t gotten to try everything out yet, but so far am very happy with my new Lucy Perfect Core pants  and Nike Flex Experience running shoes.

fit christmas lucy nike fitness gear

The pants are quite a bit higher than all my other workout pants, but feeling them around my stomach really does remind me to engage my core and it helps cover up the extra mom skin that is never going to go away no matter how toned my abs are. I love the bright colors of the running shoes and they are much more lightweight than my last ones, which is nice.


We drove a little ways to take both kids on a hike today, which we don’t do often enough. Overall, it went pretty well even though there was much complaining and Emme would only tolerate any position in the carrier or in our arms for a limited amount of time.

hiking family hiking with little kids
Front carry (she loved staring up at me in this position)
hiking with kids california redwoods carrier
Back carry

A few snack breaks and some made up adventures helped us along the way (about a mile).

hiking with kids snack break

Plus there was the real adventure of Doug wearing each kid in the carrier to balance his way on rocks across a creek.

creek crossing hiking with kids

creek crossing hiking with kids

Reece’s “This is pretty fun exploring, huh, mom?” made it worth it. I love outside time where there are sticks, dirt and jumping off logs involved.

hiking with kids california

What are your favorite things this week?

Full disclosure: this post includes some ShopStyle affiliate links, but those don’t make any difference on your end. 🙂

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  • How fun to enjoy a family hike!! Fun photos. Emme is so pretty and the dress is adorable on her. We enjoyed a fun family hike here in Redding (favorite). Playing family games was a favorite this week. Moose Munch (even if terrible for braces) is another Friday fave. AND time with my nephew caps off my Friday faves!!

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