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Good morning! I realize I’m a little late on that Fit Expo post I promised you “yesterday” earlier this week, so I’m adding some details about it to this Friday post.

Here are some things I thought you might like:

1. The Fit Expo – Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend The Fit Expo in San Jose as press. Let’s just say I very much enjoyed my press badge-wearing status, haha.


It’s always fun meeting other bloggers and I was happy to run into Jesus and Regie, although we made a blogger fail and didn’t take a picture together. After parting ways, I headed over to check out the GRID competition, where men and women athletes race in teams doing various super strength activities. Think 75lb shoulder presses and handstand pushups. They were crazy strong, but I kept waiting for one of them to throw their back out with the way they were lifting. I’m a Pilates instructor, not a trainer, and I’m trained in focusing on form and control, so to see them using so much momentum and bending their backs seemed sloppy. Is this what CrossFit is like?

GRID competition at The Fit Expo San Jose
See the athletes to the right climbing those ropes at super speed using just their arms?

A lot of the expo was focused on bodybuilding and protein powders, which aren’t my thing, but I enjoyed visiting all the food booths for samples and there was plenty there that peaked my interest. A few standouts:

Safe Catch Tuna, which tests each and every tuna for mercury levels, making for a super safe tunafish with mercury levels that are 10x lower than FDA limits.SafeCatch

Lumo Lift – a lightweight wearable that helps you correct your posture. I was excited to get one of these to try out and I plan on writing a review for you once I’ve put it to the test a bit more.


Meeting Maria Kang – She is the “no excuse mom” whose controversy you might be familiar with. Whether you love her or hate her, she’s doing a good thing helping moms all over the world get fit through No Excuse Groups.


It was a fun event and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend!

2. Black Cherry Arrowhead Fizzy Water –  I’m obsessed with this stuff. It’s somehow like Dr Pepper even without any sugar or anything gross. I don’t know what’s in the “natural flavors” and couldn’t care less.


3. Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut barkThins – I loved the almond sea salt variety and this flavor is just YUM. Available at Costco!

dark chocolate toasted coconut bark thins

4. Quicky Tabata Workout – If you missed the Tabata workout I shared on Calio’s blog, now’s the time to check it out! Quick, sweaty, gotta love it!

5. Coupons! Don’t forget to grab your coupon for Mountain High Yoghurt (by signing up for their newsletter) and all laundry detergent!

Also, I wanted to address the higher-than-usual number of sponsored posts last week. I typically try to space them out, but when all the deadlines landed around the same time, that wasn’t possible this time. Getting paid to share my stories that incorporate products I like is a nice bonus to all the work I put into this blog and it’s what will keep me going. I personally don’t enjoy reading blogs that are heavy on sponsored posts, so while I will incorporate them into my usual posts, I can guarantee that they were not overtake this blog. You can always count on my honest opinion even though my reviews will be mostly positive, simply because I turn down reviews on products I don’t care for. So be sure to check out the products because they are ones I think you might enjoy too!

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

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