Getting Baby on a Schedule

Since before I had kids, I’ve heard others with kids talk about how getting babies on schedules as soon as you can is the best way to go. After having my first baby, I was convinced that keeping to a schedule while breastfeeding was an impossibility. What with the recommended feeding on demand and hourly nursings during growth spurts and the witching hour. Now, nearly a year after having my second, I’m still convinced of that. However, now that Emme is nearing toddlerhood (when does that start exactly? When they’re walking? When they’re a year? I vote for 15 months and up) and I’m interested in beginning to wean as well as having some matters to attend to at specific times, I’d like to figure this schedule thing out.

With both of my kids, we’ve had a sort of routine going. I’ve had a general idea of when they would nap. Around this age with Reece, He was already down to 2-3 nursing sessions per day and I was able to quickly cut those down to 0 with no complaints from him exactly at one year. (I think I did this by distracting him with snacks, which caused him to be a major snacker for quite awhile and I’m not interested in getting into that again with Emme.) Emme, however, is still nursing whenever she wants. Most of the time I don’t suggest it, but just let her nurse whenever she asks. Today was actually the first time that I turned her down since it had been less than an hour since the last one and I was trying to put her down for nap. She went down without much fuss, so I think she was just trying to put off the inevitable and wasn’t actually hungry.

My biggest problem now is that I’m starting to lead portions of Pilates classes on Monday and Friday (wait, what?!) and I need to be there by 10am when class starts. This is pretty inconvenient, though, since that’s when Emme would normally be waking up from her first nap. I’ve tried putting her down earlier than when she would prefer, hoping to force her onto my schedule, but that usually ends up with her not taking any morning nap or me having to wake her up in 20 minutes since she’ll take a really long time to fall asleep. Short of hiring a babysitter for those days, I’m not really sure what to do about this except declare it lousy timing and suffer through it until she goes down to one nap in a few months.

So it’s not even that I want her on a schedule, I want her on MY schedule. Is this possible to accomplish? I’d love to hear what, if anything, worked for you–scroll back to the top to click leave a reply. 🙂

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  • My youngest was about a year old when I started manipulating him into taking only one nap per day. With two other toddlers who needed to get out of the house, we couldn’t be staying home each morning while he napped. It’s just part of having older siblings. He wasn’t very happy about it on some days, and sometimes he would fall asleep in the car or need to go down earlier than his brothers. But eventually he got used to one long nap per day, and I get time where all 3 boys sleep at once!

    • Yeah, the younger one definitely has to be more flexible! She’s not ready for one nap a day and I feel bad throwing her off.

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