Girl’s Night Out at Care Begins with Me, plus Meeting Glennon Melton

I was really excited to see that Glennon Melton (of the popular blog, Momastery, and author of the bestselling book, Carry on Warrior) was going to be speaking at an event in California. It didn’t matter much that it was two hours away, what the event was that she was speaking at or that I might not even get to actually meet her. I just wanted to go see her speak and knew Ellie would be up for the adventure with me.

Fresh off the plane from France and still jet-lagged, Ellie agreed to attend this event even though there was very little information on what to expect, so we really didn’t know what we were attending other than that it had something to do with health and wellness.

Heading to Glennon Melton book signing
Ellie and I dressed like twinsies

The event was being hosted by Care Begins with Me, which is a part of Dignity Health, and we were provided with a program for the evening when we arrived in Sacramento. The first hour was simply for browsing the vendor booths (children and baby items, autumn decor, local wineries pouring half-glass tastings) and enjoying some food (we hadn’t known there would be food in advance). Glennon was scheduled to speak at the beginning, followed by a book signing (didn’t know about that either!) and then a variety of health and wellness informational sessions we could choose to attend until the event ended at 9.

I wasn’t really sure who the event was supposed to be geared towards because most of the sessions were about topics that women older than us would be more interested in, but then there were so many vendors selling baby items, plus Glennon is really a mom blogger, even though women of all ages may find her inspirational. We enjoyed browsing the vendor booths (especially ana apple–adorable stuff!) and sipping our wine before settling in our seats with plates full of really good food.

food and wine at Care Beings with Me

As we waited for Glennon to begin, I wondered how who I imagined her to be from her blog would mesh with how she was in person. I had watched her in a few interviews, like her one on the Today Show, so I had an idea of what she sounded like and how she would be. Up on stage, she was lively, enthusiastic and funny. When I actually got to meet her at the book signing, she was warm and likeable, so she’s pretty much just what I expected her to be.

Glennon Melton speaking at Care Begins with Me

A lot of what she spoke about were stories I had read on her blog, but I enjoyed hearing her speak the words instead of just reading them. Ellie and I purchased books (I already had one at home, but I couldn’t leave without getting one signed) and then waited in line for two whole hours for her to sign them. Glennon takes the time to really meet people; give them a hug and chat for a bit. I didn’t really have much to say like it seemed some people did, but it was nice that she actually cared to meet the people who support her. It was also fun meeting her sister who was also there helping out the event since she is mentioned in so many of her essays.

Glennon Melton book signing
Ellie and I Chatting it up with Glennon Melton 🙂

Glennon Melton book signing

In the end, we didn’t have time for any of the sessions since we spent the most of our time waiting in line, which was ok since the sessions weren’t of that much interest to us and Glennon was the whole reason we were there. I’m happy that we got to meet her since we didn’t actually know that we would have the opportunity, so it really made our trip worth it. If she is ever in your area and you have the chance to go see her, I would definitely recommend it.

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