Glowing, Healthy Skin From Puritan’s Pride and *Giveaway*

My skin has issues, so I was initially a bit hesitant about the skin care month of the Puritan’s Pride sponsored summer series I’m a part of with Lynda, Deborah and Brie. Fortunately, thanks to new drugs keeping things under control, I was eager to try the new products once they arrived. Now, after about a month of use, my skin has never looked more glowing and healthy, so I’m especially thrilled that Puritan’s Pride is giving away all of the products in this post to one lucky reader!

Before I received the new products, my daily skincare routine was pretty basic. I washed with a salicylic acid cleanser and followed with a lotion that was good for use on both my face and body. Simple and inexpensive.

There’s no denying the obvious benefits I’ve seen from using all of these products and although I can’t pinpoint which ones did the trick, I certainly have a few favorites.


Pictured here:

Alba Even Advanced Enzyme Scrub

Organic Skincare Doctor Manuka Honey Face Mask (this links to a cream, not the mask since they don’t seem to have it on their website anymore)

Derma E Firming DMAE Cleanser

Puritan’s Pride Coenzyme Q-10 Creme

Derma E Age-Defying Antioxidant Eye Cream

Derma E Hydrating Eye Cream

Perfectly Pure Retinol Cream with Moroccan Argan Oil

Not Pictured: Vitamin E Lip Protector

I was especially excited that the skincare package from Puritan’s Pride included retinol cream and eye creams since these are two specific products I’ve been wanting to try, especially as my skin starts to show its age. They were also three of the products I enjoyed the most, but if I had to pick one eye cream, I would choose the age-defying antioxidant one for the simple reason that I liked the little jar better than the tube of the other one. 🙂

Another one of my favorites was the Vitamin E Lip Protector. This unassuming lip balm makes my lips feel so soft and smooth! The only downside is I have no idea what’s in it since neither the packaging nor the website lists any ingredients.

The scrub and cleanser all worked well enough, but I’m not ready to give up my usual salicylic acid cleanser, although Puritan’s Pride does sell that as well. It is nice to have the scrub around for every-so-often exfoliation, though.

The coenzyme creme smelled great–fruity or citrusy or mango-y–and became my morning face lotion. It looks like you can use it wherever on your body, but being in small bottle made me think of it more as a face lotion.

Every once in a while, I enjoy using a face mask for freshening up the skin. The manuka honey face mask was nice, but I can’t seem to find it on the Puritan’s Pride website for you. They do have other products made with manuka honey, which has antibacterial properties among other things.


I made sure all of these products were paraben-free for you guys, since they’re something I avoid for myself since they are known endocrine disruptors and might possibly be linked to cancer. With my family history already against me, it’s better to be safe than sorry. As always, I only share products with you that I would use myself and my reviews are honest.

You can win all these products from Puritan’s Pride! To enter: Comment below! For an extra entry, follow me on Instagram and leave another comment on this post to let me know you did (or let me know that you already do!)! *Contest ends Tuesday, July 6 at 11:59PM. US only.

Plus, you can hop and enter the giveaways from LyndaDeborah and Brie!

Also, linking up with Running with SD Mom for her giveaway linkup–so many fun things to enter to win over there!

Thank you, Puritan’s Pride, for sponsoring this summer series! Click to see May’s haircare post.

**Entries are now closed. The winner is Tammy G–congrats Tammy!**

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