Guest Post From Ellie: Smoothie Love

Hot weather is here, which means it’s the perfect time for smoothies! Today’s guest post is from my dear friend, Ellie. She has been on a smoothie kick lately and since I enjoy smoothies, but do not enjoy using a blender, I thought I’d have her write a post for you with some of her favorite smoothie recipes. Enjoy!

Ellie in Antibes


Hello fellow FitMamaLove readers, my name is Ellie and I’ve played a cameo role in a few of Laura’s posts (one of my favorites being when the FitMama family joined my husband and me in France)!  I was thrilled when Laura asked me to share some of my favorite smoothie recipes, as I’m also hoping to get some good recipes in return.

My husband and I received our Vitamix as a very generous Christmas gift this Christmas past, but my love affair with smoothies actually began a year and a half prior.


As an adult I decided to have two teeth extracted and braces put on–it felt like a invasion in my mouth!  There wasn’t much I wanted to eat, nor felt comfortable eating and so I began to consume my calories in smoothie form.

As with most things, I grew accustomed to the braces, but maintained my relationship with the smoothie.  It has since waned a little, but with the Vitamix now taking center stage on my crowded kitchen counter I was ready to blend and whirl.  You can of course use any blender with the recipes below, but one of the perks of the Vitamix is that it really does blend those greens into the smoothie, and well, I’m still embracing the green of the smoothie (I’d always thought to stay away from green looking food…mold?!)

There’s a good reason that smoothies are so popular.  They can be a great source of vitamins, an excellent way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet (and your children’s diet), and they really are quite tasty.  They are also quite versatile.  Once you find a good base, you can add or substitute different fruits and vegetables, as well as that extra protein kick.

Components of a Perfect Smoothie

Your choice of liquid base will change depending on your taste preference and dietary restrictions.  I’m personally not a fan of soy milk, so I don’t use it, but it can easily be substituted in for most any of the recipes.  I try to avoid orange juice because of the added sugars and such, but you can juice your own and toss in, same goes for grapefruit juice.

Bananas are the key to most all smoothies.  They are a good base and add a creamy texture. They work fresh or frozen, but I find if they are frozen, it minimizes the amount of ice needed.

As far as vegetables, truthfully, the sweeter veg works better, but that is more a taste preference.  I’ve yet to try a smoothie with mixed greens, so if anyone has a tried and true recipe using mixed greens I’m open to hear it!  I regularly buy the large container of organic spinach and separate out 2 cups into freezer bags.

You can be as creative as you’d like with the add ins. I’ve even added in a tablespoon or so of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter before. 😉

On to a few of my tried and true smoothie recipes:

Favorite Morning Smoothie

This is my favorite and most regularly consumed smoothie, even though it is dairy based.  It’s also a kid favorite.  As seen in the photos below, I borrowed Laura’s kiddos for some smoothie making fun.

kids helping make smoothie

Be forewarned my measurements might be off for this one as I tend to make this in a large batch, and have it over two or three days.  Go with a smaller amount for smaller serving.

Favorite Morning Smoothie Recipe


Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie Recipe


Tropical Breeze

I like the bright green of this smoothie, and the tropical taste.  All I need is the sand beneath my feet and the crash of the waves, and I’d be set!!

Tropical Breeze smoothie prep

Tropical Smoothie Recipe


Pump It 

This is my go to snack post work out.

Pump It Post Workout Smoothie Recipe


Summer Fresh

Summer fresh smoothie

Summer Fresh Smoothie Recipe


These are just a few of my favorites, I can get bored if I stay with one flavor too regularly so I’m always trying to switch it up.  Next to try is a carrot based smoothie!!

Do you blend?  I would love to hear some of your favorite recipes, and keep my love my affair burning!

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