Halloween Happenings

From a fall festival, to a pumpkin carving party, to Halloween itself, these last few days have been packed with Halloween goodness.

Reece chose to dress up as a Wild Kratt’s bat and Emme was Sleeping Beauty. Both kids took awhile to decide what they wanted to be for Halloween, but right before we went to the Halloween store, Emme had decided to be a butterfly. I thought it would be nice to have two winged creatures because that sort of goes together. However, when we got to the store, she fell in love with the Sleeping Beauty costume as soon as she saw it. I really tried to convince her to stick with the adorable butterfly costume, but she wasn’t having it.

After we bought the costumes, I felt badly for trying to push her towards the costume I liked better. As I buckled her into her car seat, I told her that while I really liked the butterfly costume I was glad she chose the costume that she liked best. She responded “That’s right, because you’re you and I’m me.” Whether I’ve said this to her before or she came up with it on her own, I’m glad she gets it.

Once I saw her face light up when she put on her costume, I was especially glad she got the one she wanted (I actually had to return the one I bought from Spirit Halloween because it was such bad quality and really itchy. The one from the Disney Store was so much better and she pranced around in it all day!).

Halloween costumes at YMCA Fall Festival

On Friday, the YMCA where I teach had their annual fall festival with jumpy houses and games. The kids always have a blast before they majorly melt down and I like that they get to wear their costumes for more than just Halloween.

Emme really wanted to give the haunted house there a try and we made it about halfway through before she wanted me to turn around and go back out. Reece wasn’t into it at all, but he gave it a try and also didn’t last.

Saturday was our pumpkin carving day–first with the kids and then Doug and I went to an adults-only pumpkin carving party.

Reece carving pumpkin Emme and her pumpkin Emme and her heavy pumpkin

My Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin won 2nd place and Doug’s double-faced pumpkin got third!

Nightmare before christmas pumpkin and two-faced pumpkin

Doug and me with our trophies

Since Halloween was on a school day, we started the day with the Halloween parade at school (after arriving 10 minutes late even though I tried so hard to have us ready to go and out the door). Emme wore her costume to watch the parade too and then we headed to the Y so I could teach Pilates.

Costumes to school

To be festive, I wore all black workout clothes and my cat mask, and also played Halloween music on Amazon Prime Music (affiliate).
Halloween Pilates

Spooky Classical Music Amazon Prime

I got in my own Halloween workout after teaching and then it was back to school for Reece’s Halloween party.

After a couple hours of down time, we were off for trick-or-treating with the neighbors. It’s amazing how far my kids will walk when they’re motivated by candy!

Princess Emme Sleeping Beauty Emme and Wild Kratt's Bat Reece

Back at home, I let them eat a whole bunch before bed and they enjoyed handing out candy to a few more people who came by. Bedtime went surprisingly smoothly considering the late hour and all the sugar.

Reece and his candy stash

Now I’m wondering how long I’ll let them keep eating their candy this year before I try to convince them to trade it in for something else.

Overall a good Halloween and now we’re excited for November! This is when fall really hits here in Silicon Valley. It’s also Emme’s birthday month and we have a trip planned to visit family in Colorado, which I’m really looking forward to.

How was your Halloween?

What are you looking to in November?

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