Halloween Weekend Happenings

How’s Daylight Savings treating all the parents out there? I’m hoping our nifty stoplight alarm clock will help get the kids back on track quickly, but for now, we’re waking up at 6 instead of 7. I’d much prefer to be like AZ and HI and not change!

We had a fun Halloween weekend that of course included trick-or-treating.

Halloween costumes on the front porch
My white ninja and flamingo

I really didn’t take many pictures (especially not in quality lighting) on Halloween itself. You can see better pictures on this post. As you can see, Reece carved his pumpkin all by himself this year with the little pumpkin cutting tools. He had fun, but didn’t really like how his pumpkin turned out in the end.

And you know my fun alien pumpkin I carved last weekend? Well that didn’t last. I think the direct sun on the front porch did it in.

Rotting alien pumpkin


We were worried a rainy day would ruin our trick-or-treating, but fortunately it stopped for both that and Reece’s first school Halloween parade earlier in the day. Emme sure liked getting wet, though.

Emme in the rain

Other than Halloween, we enjoyed a family bike ride.

Family cemetery bike ride
Doug uses the WeeRide on his bike for Emme

And because Emme cried and cried when we got back home because she didn’t want the ride to be over, I took her out for a lap around the block on her balance bike.

Emme on her balance bike on the fall leaves
We have the Mini Glider balance bike

She cried and cried when we returned home from that too! Not even two yet and that girl is doing awesome on that thing. Looks like she might be the one taking after her cycling-loving daddy.

Sunday was the usual day of workouts, chill time (including front porch coffee date with neighbors) and then dinner out at Terún to celebrate my father-in-law’s 60th birthday. We didn’t bring a gift, though, because I had accidentally-on-purpose canceled the order from Amazon! I saw the order in my email and knew I hadn’t ordered it and my husband certainly wouldn’t have ordered that for himself and since I’ve received something from Amazon once before that I didn’t order, I thought someone had hacked my account and canceled it.

No pictures from dinner, though, because pictures in dim indoor lighting always make food look bad. If you’re in the Bay Area, though, add Terún to your must try list for authentic Italian food including true Neopolitan pizza, made-in-house pasta and delicious entrees.

I’m certainly enjoying our fall weather, but I just checked and it’s supposed to be 77 at the beach on Wednesday, so we might have to head that way!

Have you ever received something from Amazon that you didn’t order?

How was your Halloween weekend?

How do your kids like riding bikes? 

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  • i had to work halloween weekend! boooo. the weather was freezing, though, so i didn’t mind being inside with catered lunch :p love your kids costumes, though your dying alien pumpkin made me laugh haha

  • SO jealous that you have 77 degrees in the forecast! Our Halloween was cool but no rain, we were able to enjoy it, thankfully! Glad you did too, your kiddos looked adorable 🙂

  • Love the pics! Your kids look so cute in their costumes! Luckily, this year, my son was not affected by daylight savings. In previous yrs, he would wake up too early as well. Finally we had cooler fall-like weather and my mom was in town and we took my son to a pumpkin patch and then went trick or treating for a little bit. My son was wiped out ha:) have a nice rest of the week!

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