How to Not Gain Weight on Vacation

You know that weekly food prep makes it easier to eat clean during your busy weeks, but what about when you’re on vacation?  Eating out for every meal can make it challenging to stick to your clean eating goals. Restaurants are known for using way more fat and salt than you use at home; not to mention there’s the temptation to treat yourself more frequently than usual.

Don’t let the hotel breakfast buffets suck you in like I did while on vacation in Hawaii when pregnant with Emme–the start of some major pregnancy weight gain!

NOT a good idea to eat this everyday!

Click to read my five tips for clean eating on vacation that I wrote for Calio, and be prepared for your next getaway!

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  • Ironic thing is that I ALWAYS lose weight on vacation, even eating (mostly) what I want. I think it’s because we are so active and walk nearly everywhere. One time in Paris, my husband and I walked around the city for 17 hours, stopped TWICE for food chocolate croissants and then cheese crepes . . . . ahhhh

    • Europe can definitely do that to you! I think there’s a difference between “traveling” and “vacation.” I tend to eat whatever I want in Europe too and don’t gain anything because we’re exploring the area so much. Hawaii and other beach vacations that are strictly relaxation, I tend to go overboard. Thanks for the input!

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