Hump Day Happy Notes….And the Winners Are!

Yay for hump day! We’re that much closer to the weekend!

If you read my post yesterday about balancing fitness and family over at Mommy Got Fit, then you know that today is our designated adventuring day. One of the adventures on schedule: shoe shopping for the kids! Not exactly what I had in mind for adventuring, but it needs to get done and it is raining today, so we won’t be hiking. At least Reece is looking forward to it! If the rain sticks around, then I’m hoping our adventuring will include splashing in puddles too!

Since I’d exercised six days in a row and know I am for sure doing Pilates today and Thursday (teaching two classes at the Y this week!), I thought it would be a good idea to take a rest day yesterday, so I loaded the kids in the car after Emme’s first nap and we headed down to Evergreen College to hike their little hill.

Reece hiking Evergreen Hill
Oh man, it makes me happy to see him running up this hill so carefree

It had been so long since I’d walked up that hill and it was so much fun to take the kids there since it’s something Doug and I used to do a lot when we were dating and I lived near there.

hiking evergreen hill with kids

The views are just beautiful.

pretty view Evergreen Hill

Reece loved it and was so bummed when we finished and it was time to go. I promised we’d come back soon.

“Look, mommy, it’s so beautiful!” My heart felt so happy hearing him say this a few times, unprompted.

Mustard flowers spring

Emme liked being down a lot, walking on her own, but would ask me to pick her up when the hills got too steep. She actually led the way off the path for us to explore quite a few times, which Reece thought was fun.

snack while hiking evergreen hill
Always eating

She also put her first two words together yesterday, “more cheese” and was very proud of herself!

pretty view hiking with kids

Our hike ended with some up close construction site action, which is a little boy’s dream come true.

boy watching construction trucks

And with that, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. The winners of the Dang Toasted Coconut Giveaway are:

First Place: Nikki
Second Place: Jenny

Check your email, ladies!

Thanks to everyone who participated! I look forward to bringing you more giveaways in the future!

I’d love to hear your hump day happy notes! Leave a comment and share!

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