Is Costco the New Whole Foods?

It’s no secret that I love Whole Foods. This is actually kind of funny since it was only a few years ago that I shunned it because of the cost. Over the last few years quality became greater in importance to me than cost, and when a new Whole Foods opened up close to my house, I quickly fell in love. As it turns out, there are a lot of affordable options there. They just have so much other dang fun stuff, that I end up spending money on extras. But I do love that this one in particular has lots of things to entertain my kids and make for a smooth shopping trip.

Riding the bulldozer at our favorite Whole Foods

Enter Costco. Historically, I have hated Costco. It’s always been a necessary evil because buying in bulk is definitely more convenient. However, the hassle of the crowded parking lot in the worst shopping center ever, plus pushing through the throngs of people once inside–all of whom just seem to be standing around with their carts in the middle of every aisle blocking my way–always made me dread going there. The first Costco shopping trip after having each of my babies was a major milestone that definitely took me much longer to get to after my second.


Now that both my kids are able to sit in the cart together, it makes shopping there a little easier (lifting heavy items from bottom shelves while wearing a baby is quite challenging), not to mention I now also live closer to one with a better parking lot and less customers who seem to have the goal of getting in my way around every turn.

The best thing about shopping there now, though? They have a huge selection of healthy and/or organic products that they didn’t used to have. Costco has long been a great place to buy organic meat at a good price, but now I can buy boxes of our favorite squeezy pouches, amazingly delicious organic produce (the BEST blueberries and raspberries) and a selection of specialty snacks all at better prices than anywhere else. The last time I was there, they even had a whole section right up in front with all their organic options in one place. I’m so happy to have a place to buy foods I love at a good price and because of all of this, it’s almost become fun to shop there. Certainly never thought I’d say that.

Some of my favorite snacks from my last shopping trip:




And some chocolate goodies!

What are your favorite Costco finds?

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