Let’s Celebrate Love

I used to be a Valentine’s Day hater. On the outside at least, in that adolescent “I’m too cool for school” way that had people wearing black on the day just to makes sure everyone knew they were not one of the sheeple who went along with this Hallmark holiday.

someecards.com - I'm going to be romantically spontaneous on this pre-determined holiday of romantic expression

That — thankfully — evolved into just feeling kinda meh about the holiday. Enjoying it for what it was, but much preferring to celebrate dating anniversaries than this one designated day for love.

Fast forward to when Doug and I got engaged and this love holiday was just the right amount of time out that we were looking for to get married, plus it just so happened to fall on a Saturday. After my mom’s friend made the suggestion to have Valentine’s Day be our wedding day, I had flashbacks to Uncle Jesse and Rebecca Donaldson’s “Full House” wedding which also took place on “the most romantic day of the year.” I was sold.

Full House Wedding

This holiday that I never cared too much about turned into the best day of my life (up until that point) that I very much want to celebrate every year. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and stuffed animals lining the shelves at CVS trigger the memories of that day, reminding me it’s been another year and wow, where does the time go.

Cold Tiburon 5 Year Anniversary
Celebrating a cold 5-year anniversary on a surprise weekend getaway in Tiburon, 2009

Now that we have kids, we absolutely are celebrating this day of love for what it is. Now I look at it as a day that celebrates love of all sorts, not just the romantic kind. What could be better than a day that celebrates something we could all use a little more of?

So I invite you to toss aside any distaste for this “Hallmark Holiday” and the commercialization that goes with it (and every other holiday out there). Forget the dinners out (because really, they’re not that great on Valentine’s Day anyway), flowers and candy if you want and let’s just celebrate the one thing we all need a little more of: Love.

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  • I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater but I do believe that people more than not use this picked day to try to make up for a whole year. Saying I love you and expressing love should be daily not just one so called special day. Nice share 🙂

    • Agreed–it should definitely be all year. Being thankful should also be all year and we have a special day to call attention to it too. Love and thankfulness are important, so having days for them is a good idea.

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