Looking Back, Looking Forward

Thought I’d do a little recap of what my workouts have looked like this past week, as well as what they might look like this coming week.

I don’t plan my workouts in advance, but I do plan on going to the gym everyday. I don’t actually make it there that often, more like four or five days, but if I go every day that I have nothing else planned, then it’s no big deal to skip the gym when I have other things going on or if something comes up, like an impromptu play date or one of my kids gets sick. When I used to skip random days, inevitably other unplanned things would come up and I’d be lucky if I got three workouts in in a week.

Generally, I aim to get in at least two cardio + abs days and two full-body strength days that hopefully also include a little interval cardio. If I do get in that 5th day, I make it another strength day, as long as it doesn’t end up being back-to-back with another strength day (gotta rest those muscles!). My workouts are usually about an hour, but can go longer if I get in some stretching, foam rolling or extra ab work.

So last week, my workouts looked like this:

Sunday: Skip (open house that day, so we knew in advance we’d need to be out)

Monday: Cardio: 20 min HIIT + 25 min steady state on the treadmill (I usually like to get good, hard cardio my first workout of the week) + abs

Tuesday: Strength (total body circuit) + 20 min HIIT (treadmill)

Wednesday: Cardio: 50 min steady state (treadmill) + abs

Thursday: Skip (planned shopping for our France trip day, KID FREE!!!)

Friday: Skip (I was planning on going today, but a couple things came up with our house selling and after that the timing just didn’t work out with the kids’ naps)  It is unusual for me to skip two days in a row, but that’s just how it worked out this week.

Saturday: Strength (total body circuit) + 15 min HIIT (treadmill)

You can see I had two planned skip days and then something came up, so I had an unexpected missed workout. I probably could have squeezed something in Friday evening if I had really needed to–either a quick run or some jumprope HIIT after Doug came home, or a strength circuit–but I decided to pass and take another rest day because it’s ok to do that sometimes. 🙂 Especially since I knew it was unlikely anything would throw off my Saturday workout.

I kicked this week off with a PR 5-mile run! Woot! Got in some good ab work and foam rolling too. I know Thursday is going to be a skip day because of an appointment, but other than that, I’ll just plan on heading to the gym everyday. This week will be interesting because the cardio room at my gym is closed for yearly maintenance, so I’ll either have to take classes or head to another gym to get my cardio in. It’s a necessary annoyance that should make things interesting, especially since this past week was very much a run week for me (usually I try to rotate different cardio machines throughout the week).

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