Making Healthy Snacks Fun

Offering my kids healthy food is important to me, even during snack time. With how often we’re on the go during this time, I rely heavily on pre-packaged snacks. Even though I do make an effort to buy the healthiest options possible, I still don’t love how often I use them and neither does my wallet.

Whenever we’re home, I do my best to offer whole foods and minimize processed foods. Usually the kids are happy with what’s on their plate, but if they make a request for some Pirate’s Booty on the side, I usually oblige.

What I’ve found helps with their acceptance is adding a little fun. My kids would have been sure to reject raw spinach leaves on their plate, but pair it with raisins and tell them to make a taco and they’re all for it.

Making a healthy snack with spinach and raisins

I admit, I can’t take credit for this particular idea. Reece actually brought it home from preschool.

His school only serves the kids fruit and vegetables for snack, and sometimes raisins. A lot of the kids (not mine because he’s too hungry at snack time to pass anything up!) were leaving all their spinach for the compost bin. It was one of his teachers who introduced the spinach raisin taco and Reece really took to it.

Making a healthy kid snack with spinach and raisins

Now he requests it for snack at home too and little sister wants to be just like big brother, so she goes for it too, which surprised me.

Healthy kid snack with spinach and raisins

One time when we were out of spinach when he requested it, I suggested putting it on celery and both he and Emme tried that too. They’ve previously rejected the whole “ants on a log” celery snack, which includes peanut butter, so I was pretty surprised they went for it.

My kids eat healthy, but they are far from perfect eaters. We’ve had plenty of occasions where they request something like tortilla chips only for snack and I insist they have it with avocado too if they want any chips at all. We do the best we can and little victories like this make me very happy.

What are some surprising combinations that your kids have gone for?

How do you make healthy foods fun?

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  • I agree making it fun is so key! My son dislikes peas but if we make them into called game of pop into your mouth he loves them!

  • Oh good idea! I’m sure my son will like that. My kids are pretty good with snacks and they like fruits and veggies a lot. Sometimes when we buy chips we’ll offer it to them. Now that my eldest is in school, we’ve done more packaged stuff too like Goldfish or other graham crackers, but we rely mostly on fruits, veggies and also cheese snacks.

    A surprising snack my son liked that I still don’t take to is spreading peanut butter on a celery stick and cutting it up into pieces. He loves it!

  • This is a cute idea to get kids to eat healthy!

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