A Marvelous Monday Indeed!

Today I am definitely Marvelous in My Monday because I’m still on a high from finding out on Saturday that I passed my Pilates certification test out. That kind of stole the show for the weekend.

Our weekend started Friday since it was Doug’s day off, but I did teach Pilates in the morning at the new gym and then got in my own upper body workout. Here’s me trying to be stealth with the gym selfie.

Gym selfie in the weight room
Nothing to see here, just checking my phone…

As for the rest of Friday, uhhhh, I really don’t remember what happened! Maybe some yard work??

Saturday was National Stroller Running Day and I went for a run to the farmer’s market with Emme in the Bumbleride and Reece on his bike. He was a good sport about being my photographer too.

Running at the farmer's market with the Bumbleride Indie

Oh hey, did I mention that I won a new BOB Revolution Flex stroller on the National Stroller Running Day Twitter chat on Monday? They gave away FOUR of them and I was the first winner! I do love my Bumbleride, but since it’s 5 years old now, it’ll be nice to have a pretty new one. I’m curious to see how different it feels.

Saturday night we went to our friend’s house for dinner and I got loads of baby snuggles with this little guy.

newborn baby snuggles

Here’s the deal–if you know someone with a new baby, when you visit you must either:

1) bring food and/or wine
2) hold the baby so they can eat, pee, sleep, etc
3) change diapers
4) clean
5) all of the above

I didn’t know these things before I had kids, so I’m letting you all know so you won’t be the fools that we once were visiting friends with newborns and hanging out and chatting for two hours, sitting on our butts the whole time. I try to make up for it now! I soooo needed people to do these things for me, but didn’t really know what to ask for. So when you visit, just get in there and do these things because the mom probably doesn’t even know what she needs and certainly can’t verbalize it in her new mom haze.

Saturday night is also when I found out the great news about my test, then we stayed up too late with the kids and they were a mess all of Sunday.

So a not so great end to an otherwise decent weekend.

How was your weekend?

Have you gotten any baby snuggles lately?

How did you participate in National Stroller Running Day?

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Comments 10

  • I’m so jealous you one of the four strollers! We could use a new stroller – we’re operating with a used BOB that we bought secondhand.

    Your weekends sounds fabulous — I couldn’t agree more with your list of things one *must* do when visiting someone with a new baby. Very important!

  • Congrats on your certification! I bet it feels good to have that out of the way. My friend just had a baby, her second child, and I made sure to make a meal for her. During those early days, it’s really so nice not to have to worry about making dinner. I always tell people when their friend or family member has a baby, make them a meal or gift cards for pick up food is another option.

    I always had the bob stroller and just love it. It moves very easily and is great for strolling around rocky terrain. The only thing is that it’s pretty heavy and a little big, but I have just loved mine:)

    I spent the weekend in Austin, tx where my sister-in-law got married. It was a beautiful wedding and they had whole foods cater it. Have a nice week and enjoy your new stroller!!

    • Thank you! One of the reasons I picked the Bumbleride over the BOB originally is because it’s very lightweight. They are both great strollers, though, and the BOB is more suitable for people who run a lot. And yes, food in any form is good, homemade or not, as long as the person with the new baby doesn’t have to cook!

  • Congratulations on passing the pilates certification. What a great way to start the weekend. Very cool that you already had a job lined up as well.

    I haven’t gotten any baby snuggles lately, but soon enough in a couple months I’ll have plenty from our newborns 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, it was great to hear about that before the weekend was over! What stroller will you be getting for your babies?

  • How cool that you won a BOB! I love mine but haven’t used anything else so I don’t have much to compare it to. Definitely a marvelous Monday!

  • Congrats on passing your certification test! That is awesome!!!

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