Merry and Bright

I’m super behind on filling you guys in on our Christmas and New Year’s, so I’m just going to photobomb this post with pictures from both holidays.

This Christmas was a lot of fun because Emme was old enough to get excited about it. Having two crazy excited kids was double the fun.

Emme Christmas Tree

Emme loved everything from the glowsticks and rockin’ Christmas music at church to opening presents, of course.

The present opening actually got a little crazy this year with both of the kids being so into it. It was hard to keep track of what gifts were from who and challenging to pay attention to anyone else opening gifts.

Presents under the Christmas tree

Reece had three things that he really wanted from Santa (REAL nunchucks, a Power Ranger phone and a bigger pedal bike) and watching his face light up when he opened those gifts was the best thing. He was completely amazed that Santa even brought him a couple extra things he didn’t even ask for, which was fun.

Power Ranger Reece

This girl was just happy with anything she got and was bummed when there were no more presents to open.

Ladybug Emme

Having both of our families close by makes the holidays run pretty smoothly for the most part. We spent Christmas Eve with the whole gang–both sides of the family and extended family, Christmas morning was just the four of us at our house and then Christmas Day evening we spent at my dad’s with Doug’s parents and grandparents. I love that we get to see everyone and have lots of family time without driving more than 25 minutes.

Papa and Reece
My dad and Reece


As for New Year’s, we were feeling old and tired and not sure we could (or wanted to) stay up until midnight. We needed to make up for last year’s lamest New Year’s Eve ever, but not sure we could hang.

This was Doug on New Year’s Eve Day, trying to rest up.

Emme Sitting on Sleeping Daddy

We celebrated at our friends’ house with all our kids, planning to stay up for New York New Year and then leave.

Group Photo NYE

A few glasses of wine later and we wound up staying til midnight of course…and so did the kids.

Caught taking a selfie. 🙂

Picture of Me Taking A Selfie

We always manage to get a good photo of these two!

Mike and Doug NYE

Fortunately, the kids slept in a bit the next day (til 8am) and we are all caught up on sleep now.

On New Year’s Day, we tried to have some fun, but most of the day was a disaster. Fortunately, we had some enjoyable moments at the coast.

Looking for Rocks on the Beach

Emme Sandy Toes 2

Caves at Ano Nuevo

Climbing Rocks Ano Nuevo

One of the worst parts of the day? We made a couple attempts at afternoon coffee, but I never actually had any, which makes me sad. So I was very happy to settle in later that night with some blogging and a decaf cappuccino with Bailey’s. And a side of chocolate of course.

Baileys Coffee and Chocolate
So there you go–everything you ever wanted to know about our holidays and then some.

Hope your holidays were merry and bright as well!

Linking up for Marvelous In My Monday in hopes that it will be one!

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