Jammin’ at Monster Jam

I received tickets to Monster Jam in exchange for this post. Reece’s excitement is all his own!

Once again, Monster Jam did not disappoint! Even with the nonstop rain and complications with parking and maneuvering around the new stadium, in the end a good time was had by all.

Last Saturday, Doug, his cousin, Reece and a friend braved the bad weather to enjoy these awesome seats at Monster Jam in Levi’s Stadium.Close seats at Monster Jam Santa Clara

These were some seriously good seats! Somehow the splatters of mud kicked up by the huge tires were avoided.

Donning rain gear and ear protection, there was no shortage of smiles from these boys.

Thumbs up at Monster Jam Santa Clara Levis Stadium

Max D and Gravedigger were for sure the highlights of the night for these two. You can see their excitement–and how close the mud was getting!–in this video.

Reece has loved monster trucks since he was very little and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to take him again, and that he got to share the fun with a friend this time! He’s already looking forward to next time!

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