More “Adventuring” With the Kids

With the new 49ers stadium being built in the area, there’s been quite a lot in the local news about the need for more parking and also how the professional football games will interfere with youth soccer games played on nearby fields.

I haven’t been closely following the stories, but I’ve read enough to know that plans are being considered to put parking and new soccer fields where there are currently 41 acres of open space dedicated to the history and ecology of Santa Clara County.

Curious as to what this place looked like, I decided to take our Wednesday “adventuring” over there since it seemed like it might be a good place to explore.

kids exploring outdoors at Ulistac Natural Area

What we found was just lovely. It’s a great space near a bunch of townhouses and apartments in a fairly industrial area.

Most of it was completely flat, making it easy for the kids and full of little trails for them to run down. We had a lot of fun picking which direction to turn without knowing where it would lead us.

kids exploring outdoors at Ulistac
Reece telling Emme to come and get him
Kids exploring outdoors at Ulistac
She got him with hugs!

We didn’t even make it through the whole thing before it was time to leave for lunch, but we found lots of fun little areas and even made a new friend along the way.

Kids with friend at Ulistac

jumping tree stumps
We spent so much of our time in this little circle of stumps
Emme in the teepee
A fun teepee to play in

Emme enjoyed walking on her own more than the last few hikes and I think that’s because we bought her new shoes that fit better. Hopefully too-small shoes were all that was bothering her before and she’ll be back to walking on her own from now on.

It’s getting harder and harder for Reece to leave places whenever we’re out hiking. He loves it so much and I’m so glad for that, but even when I give him the usual “time to leave” warnings (5 minutes, 2 minutes, etc) that work so well elsewhere, they do nothing on hikes. He throws a big fit and tells me he wants to stay all day and never go home. It was cute the first few times, but now it’s getting exasperating. I think it’s definitely time to take this boy camping so he can explore all day long!

I’m glad we discovered this new place and I know we’ll be back often. Hopefully the city will leave it alone and find another solution for the parking and soccer fields.

Kids exploring outdoors at Ulistac

Have a great weekend!

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