Munchkin Meals – Wrap it Up!

Ever since Reece started eating solids, all the baby-feeding advice I read said that toddlers like dipping things, so serving them veggies alongside a dip of some sort would make eating them enjoyable. Well, until now at 5 years old, Reece hasn’t cared much about dipping his food, so this technique didn’t really work well for us. Emme at 2.5 years old enjoys dipping more than he ever has and it’s interesting to me how they can be so different.

I have, however, found something that works well with both of them–wrapping things ups!

I know I shared a little while back about Reece’s preschool teacher’s brilliant idea to get kids to eat their raw spinach at snacktime by making it into spinach raisin tacos, but it wasn’t until recently that I tried this with other things.

The other day, I had a lunch date with the kids at The Prolific Oven and ordered them a ham and cheddar sandwich (hold the mustard) with a side house salad. The sandwich was served with a side of pasta salad, something Reece has only enjoyed very recently (he prefers his pasta plain or with olive oil and cheese). It was placed on top of a lettuce leaf for garnish and oddly enough, he enjoys eating lettuce garnishes. Go figure.

I was surprised to see him enjoy the pasta salad, but he left behind the roasted red peppers and marinated onion slices–two things he doesn’t usually care for–along with a few bits of pasta all on top of the lettuce leaf.

“Reece,” I said, “that looks so yummy with all of that dressing from the pasta salad and the bits of it leftover on top of that lettuce leaf. Let’s wrap it up and make a sort of taco and I bet that will taste so good!”

He enthusiastically agreed and went for it, eating up almost the entire thing. And I, or course, patted myself on the back for a mommy win. We have to enjoy them as they come, amiright?

I tried this technique with Emme when we were having lunch at home together the other day. For lunch we were having tuna that was packed in a jar with olive oil and seasonings, but since we’d already had toast for breakfast, I thought I’d try a lettuce wrap and skip the bread.


I placed a few chunks of tuna, some halved grape tomatoes, shredded carrot and halved olives along with a lettuce leaf on her plate and mine. When we sat at the table, I showed her how to put it all together on the lettuce and wrap it like a taco.


She seemed disinterested at first, immediately eating olives on their own. After she had something in her belly, she opened to my idea and let me help her wrap up her tuna with the lettuce leaf, although she opted to eat the other veggies separately. She ate the whole thing and I again patted myself on the back. 🙂 Now if only figuring out how to get my kids to stop saying potty words all the time were this easy, I’d be all set!


You never know what will click with your kids, so keep trying different things, continue to offer foods they’ve rejected in the past and eventually you’ll find something that works for you.

Let me know if you give this a try and it works for you too!

I’m linking up with Brittany for this month’s Munchkin Meals, so head on over to see what other healthy living bloggers are feeding their kids.

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