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lt’s time for the monthly Munchkin Meals Linkup with Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life. Head on over to see how other healthy living bloggers feed their children and get some new meal ideas for your own ittle munchkins.

Since my kids eat what I eat, I don’t have any special meal or snack to share that I made just for them. Instead, I’ll just share some things that have gone over well with them lately.

You may remember from last month that avocado is a big hit with my kids now, so I’ve been taking advantage of that, offering it for snacks and with meals. It’s such a nutritious food, so it’s definitely something I want to encourage eating, especially since they both rejected it for so long.

Yesterday morning’s breakfast

For lunch the other day, I planned to serve them leftover tri tip and a couscous/quinoa mix from Trader Joe’s, but didn’t have a leftover veggie to go with it. So I tossed some spinach and mushrooms on the stove with some olive oil and salt and had a healthy side in no time.

tri tip mushrooms spinach cous cous for lunch
Mushrooms are a favorite over here

Dinner last night was shrimp sauteed with olive oil, butter and garlic plus squash and bell peppers sauteed with olive oil and piment d’esplette. I normally would serve a grain or potato on the side, but we were all out of quick-cooking grains like quinoa and I need to get dinner ready in a hurry after getting home from teaching Pilates at 6:30. Instead, I added a few grape tomatoes on the side to fill the blank space on the plate.

Reece helped cook the veggies by stirring them on the stove and adding seasonings

Normally my kid-feeding technique (if you can call it that) is simply putting food on a plate in front of them and letting them eat however much they want. Usually I require them to at least taste everything, except that Emme has been a little young to enforce that. I’ve noticed, though, that if I offer her a bite of something she hasn’t tasted yet, she’ll almost always try it.

For instance, she had left both the squash and peppers, and spinach and mushrooms on her plate, but then after I offered her a bite, she readily accepted and went back for most of it on her own. So while I don’t care to continually offer her bites (although I will if she seems distracted and that’s the only way she’ll eat), this seems like a good way to lead up to requiring her to taste.

For snack lately, Reece is obsessed with roasted seaweed snacks.¬†We buy the big packs from Costco and he requests it at least once a day. Emme will eat a piece or two of it also and I’m a happy mama that he’s so into such a healthy snack.

What healthy foods have gone over well with your kids lately?

What are your kids favorite healthy snacks?


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  • You don’t know how lucky you are… Despite taking positive eating classes, offering healthy foods, I have the picky eater I never wanted. He does eat a lot of fruit which I am thankful for and is a huge guacamole, sweet potato fan. Hoping with the twins I can improve… one of the things I read post F is that feeding them too many purees alters their desire for textures, so I’m going to try and do less of that.

    • He likes guac and sweet potato, which is a great start and two very healthy options! For awhile, the only veggies I could be sure Reece would eat were broccoli and peas, so I served those frequently while still cooking and offering other things. Seriously, at least 30 tries until he started enjoying avocado!

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